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Ansible Collection Which One?


Does anyone know which Ansible Collection should be used?  We are a SaaS customer and I see two distinct ansible collections named dynatrace.oneagent.

On this page (Install OneAgent using Ansible - Dynatrace Docs) it indicates to download the collection and install, when I do I see the collection installed as version 1.1.0
On this page (Ansible integration ( it references a link to the Dynatrace GitHub Org (Dynatrace ( and the repo (Dynatrace-OneAgent-Ansible).  When I install this collection the collection is installed as version 1.0.3

On Github I see more recent releases and version up to v1.0.10.  Logic tells me to use and install version 1.1.0, but if that is the case, why don't they offer that download directly from Ansible Galaxy like the other versions?


Your help is appreciated


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