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Dynatrace JIRA integration



We have done Dynatrace and Jira custom integration in our environment. It is doing well. But the issue is the intgration also raise a Jira ticket while issue is in resolved state in Dynatrace. Our aim is to just raise a Jira ticket while issue is in open state. We have different custom payload for different category, item and summary combination in Jira For EX. please see attached screenshot.

Also please find the custom payload we are attaching with Jira API.


{ "id": "10100" }


{ "name": "Incident" }

"summary": "incedent created by dynatrace",
"description":"{ProblemID} is *

{State}* and it is affecting the {ProblemSeverity} . Please see the deatils : {ProblemImpact} - {ProblemDetailsText}",

"customfield_10301": {"value": "Middleware"},

"customfield_10500": {"value": "Weblogic"},

"customfield_10306": {"value": "JVM Warning state"},

"customfield_10307": {"value": "JVM Warning state"},

"customfield_10808": "0.0",

"customfield_10810": {"value": "Others"},

"customfield_11309": "TCS",

"customfield_11601": "TCS",

"customfield_11307": "9999900000"






Now, as per Dynatrace placeholder description what I found is : - *{State}

😘 Problem state. Possible values are OPEN or RESOLVED or in some cases MERGED when the problem has been merged into another problem.

Aim : To trigger an create issue API of Jira while {state} is OPEN and not RESOLVED or MERGED.

Please suggest the way, we can achieve this.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We had a similar issue but with another platform. We were unable to remove the resolved alert from the Dynatrace side, so we blocked it in the platform so only new tickets were generated when "Open" was present.

Now as hidden feature that I know of for Email is an option to set if an email is sent for resolved problems which you can turn off via the API. But this isnt available for Webhooks:



Hi Chad,

Thank you so much for your help. So, this hidden feature has worked for email integration in problem notification. In our environment we are quite ok with resolve problem notification on emails, but not in JIRAintegration. As if problem is already resolved in Dynatrace it should not create and assign a new ticket in JIRA at least, rather it could be resolved automatically or manually in JIRA. To control this, {status} part is important to take care I guess, which I am not able to figure out how to.

We do also have JIRA resolve API for ticket resolution task which we can trigger from dynatrace just like create issue API. But in this also, mapping of Dynatrace problem ID and JIRA's ticket number for the same problem is a challenge. Please correct me if I am missing something or idea itself is not possible to implement. Your implementation ideas/solutions are always welcome.




Hi Chandni,

we created a custom addon for Jira that provides many more features than the default integration.
Among other features, it enables you to create a mapping between Dynatrace Problem status and integrated Jira issue status, and trigger an automatic transition in Jira when Problem status changes.
Check Dynatrace Integration for Jira page for more information:
The CMDB synchronization part is also pretty cool.



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