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Error Running Davis® for workflows.


I am getting the below error while runnng the Davis® for workflows. on one of my environments.

I have followed word to word the steps on the documentation to Predict Disk Capacity and send message to Slack


Error when triggering dynatrace.davis.workflow.actions:davis-analyze on behalf of user 'd24382c3-a50f-4d81-8fa4-a77033967342 ( app-settings:objects:write storage:system:read storage:events:read storage:buckets:read state:app-states:read state:user-app-states:read storage:spans:read storage:bizevents:read state:user-app-states:delete state:user-app-states:write app-settings:objects:read storage:logs:read state:app-states:delete davis:analyzers:execute state:app-states:write davis:analyzers:read storage:metrics:read': 403: {"error":{"code":403,"message":"Forbidden","details":{"errorRef":"a6b6f165-e933-4253-8076-2917c7fcc971"}}}. Most likely due to lack of permissions granted to automations app or user permissions.


What could be causing this error and how do I resolve it?

Dynatrace Certified Associate


Hi Community, any knowledge on what is causing the attached error and related logs?

Additional information is that I am alredy a user with Account Admin and Deployment admin group priviledge. Within these group priviledges is already attached Policies for Automation Admin and App Admin as shown below





Dynatrace Certified Associate

Hi Community, I have an update on this after selecting all the Primary and Secondary permissions under Authorization Settings.

I am getting the below error on the Slack send_message action



Error evaluating custom condition: Undefined variables in '{{ result('check_prediction').violation }}': violation


Dynatrace Certified Associate

I have also realized the Dynatrace Davis for Workflows Example use case does not mention to enable app-engine:apps:run - Grants permission to list and run apps and gives basic access to the Launcher. It only mentions app-engine:functions:run

I believe this permission is required to run the Davis for Workflows Analyzer App and also Slack for Workflows. I tried to disable this and the Workflow as per the documentation fails.


Dynatrace Certified Associate

Hi Community, Thanks to DT Support Engineers, in the jscode for the predict_capacity line number 35 being the fix in the source code:

Changing that line to return {"violation": []} fixed this issue.

I think the documentation also needs to be changed accordingly for that use case

Dynatrace Certified Associate

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