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Grafana Enterprise Plugin Dynatrace - Alias


In our company we use Grafana Enterprise as central solution for dashboards. We intent to use the Grafana Enterprise Plugin for Dynatrace. First tests were successful. There is just one area where we struggle and thats how to get proper names for series or instances. In Grafana this is achieved by setting an alias. However, we have yet not found how to set a proper alias for Synthetic Monitors to display only the name of the Synthetic Monitor. Currently it looks like this:


What do we have to use as alias? Somehow we sholbd be able to use ``as alias.
The tooltip is not much of use:



The documentation is in my opinion not very clear about aliases:


There are two different types of aliases you will encounter while using the Dynatrace plugin. The first is a static alias. An alias of this type is available on every query that you build, and the name of the alias starts with a lowercase letter. The second is a dynamic alias, which changes based on the metric that you are using in your query, and the name of the alias starts with an uppercase letter. The Dynatrace plugin supports several different aliases: Metric Names, Aggregation, Display Name, Host, and Description.

Name Value

$displayNameReported error count (by key user action, OS) [mobile, custom]


Does somebody know more about it? Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would recommend also posting this to a Grafana community as well as its centric to Grafana and their configuration.


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