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How do I recieve an Image/Graph in PagerDuty incident for the problem generated in Dynatrace?




I have a setup in which Dynatrace is monitoring my host and application. Further, it is integrated with PagerDuty in which the incidents are generated. I have integrated them using the custom webhook integration, and currently I am using the available placeholders. Now when I receive incidents in PagerDuty, I want to get the image related to the problem that occurred in Dynatrace as well. Is it possible while configuring the problem notification in the Dynatrace, or does something else need to be done to achieve this?


Thanks in advance


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


The image related to the problem is not available as a placeholder right now and we have no plans on adding that as of today. The visual resolution path is not available for all problems. 

However, you could add a link in the payload directly to the visual resolution path, like this

  "visualResolutionPathUrl": "https://<environment>;pid={PID}"



Thanks for reply Dirk.


What all other blocks can be used like above ?

I have used below blocks as well. But I am looking for many more which can be more helpful and informative. If possible I want to render a HTML page as is... using the URL for the page.

"contexts": [
"type": "link",
"href": "{ProblemURL}",
"text": "view on Dynatrace"
"type": "image",

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