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How to connect our Dynatrace to Jira to open security vulnerabilities tickets?

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Hi all, I am thinking of automating the ticketing process in Jira of the vulnerabilities we have in our microservices to our development team. Since seeing the vulnerability and opening the ticket manually in Jira takes time away from other tasks, how could this be done?

On the other hand, sometimes versioning rollbacks are done and we would not want to duplicate tickets, it is undesirable behavior.

Could someone help me?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Have a look at the (pretty recent addition) of Security Problem Notification Webhooks.


There also is specific documentation for Jira.


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I have followed the whole process step by step but it is not able to open any ticket in Jira, are there any additional settings I should change?

If everything is setup according to the docs and it is not working still you can check the logs or open a support ticket.

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