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Jenkins and Workflows


I have a Jenkins pipeline to run scripts from different environments.  I would like to know if it's possible to have a workflow fetch the results of the scripts triggered by Jenkins?

I know I can set up a workflow to kick off scripts, but I need results from multiple environments.  Those environments get changed from Jenkins (XQA1, UAT, etc) -> scripts run in Dynatrace -> results come back, but have to be looked at individually by user.

Can I create a workflow that will gather results from scripts triggered by Jenkins, not triggered by the workflow?





Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @kimberly_mirkes , I'm a PM working in the automation space. I'm sure there are ways to get your use case working. I would like to understand a bit more about those scripts and how the environment / Dynatrace tenant / Jenkins setup looks like. We don't have planned workflow actions to address gathering script results directly (yet). What we have ahead is easy querying job results from Jenkins and also (already possible) sending execution information from Jenkins to Dynatrace, e.g. via OpenTelemetry or simply via Log monitoring or manually via events ingest.
Do you have the Jenkins instance instrumented already, or the environments where Jenkins is running scripts then?

Hello Wolfgang,

I have a Jenkins pipeline set up to run Dynatrace synthetics.  This can be kicked off by any user on the team for any environment we have available.  This has been running successfully for some time.  

We brought workflows into the mix, because specific results need to be gathered from the scripts, and sent to users' emails.  

Are those results already stored with the Synthetic runs, or in Jenkins results, or any log output on the target machines? I would suggest getting those results as events (or log lines) into Grail. Via OneAgent, OpenTelemetry, Log Monitoring, or from within the scripts ingesting events into Dynatrace. Then it would be easy to query that data to send reports and even provide you anomaly detections from your executions, right?

Thanks.  I will see if that's possible.  I'm assuming some of those features are "extra" depending on the type of account a company has.  For example, I only have access to create up to 3 workflows for the entire organization.

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