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Jira Integration though API GW




we have a Dynatrace SaaS tenant and we are integrating it with the Jira client for issue notifications. The thing is that Custome Jira runs on a local backend network and they integrate all SaaS solutions through API Gateway, which is a good policy.

Do you have any experience integrating Jira through a GW API? The required fields are the following:

  • - Jira endpoint URL
    - Username
    - API tab
    - Project Key
    - Type of problem
    - Summary
    - Description of the problem.

At this point I suppose there is no problem, we will make a POST to the API GW Endpoint sending all the previous fields in the payload. On the other hand, the client requires a higher level of security and does not feel comfortable if we always send the same API token and needs to know if Dynatrace supports OAuth flows in this integration.


Thanks in advance.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Alberto-Atos were you able to find a solution for the client where they felt a bit more secure in the process? If so can you share with the community the methods in which you used? 


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