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Jira integration Error 401 - Unauthorized

Hi all,

I'm integrating Jira to send problem notifications from Dynatrace and I'm facing the following error:

"Jira test failed

Reason: Invalid HTTP status code
HTTP Response Code: 401 - Unauthorized
HTTP Response Body:
{"errorMessages":["You do not have permission to create issues in this project."],"errors":{},"reasons":[]}"


Im using Jira Cloud and the step I followed to link both accounts are:

  • using the Jira URL:  https://
  • created an API token with required scopes and used it along with the environment ID on this plugin (scope Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology (API v1), Read synthetic monitors, locations, and nodes (API v1), Read entities (API v2)) MariettaAlmeida_1-1687553641670.png


  • created an Atlassian API token and used it on dynatraceMariettaAlmeida_2-1687553896228.png


  • used my admin user to connect 
  • used the issue type: MariettaAlmeida_3-1687553940064.png

I'm using a trial account, how can I fix the error?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It sounds like an issue on the JIRA side with the permissions. Double check the account permissions for Dynatrace on the Jira side and see if you are still getting this error. Look for permissions to write/create issues an a project scope.



I suggest checking with a postman first from a public network,
if your Jira is just inside the secure perimeter like my, you would:

- ask the network team to white-list Dynatrace IPs
- optionally provide external Jira DNS if needed.

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