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Nexthink integration

Hello dears,

Is there an integration between Dynatrace and Nexthink.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Not that I am aware of, but I'd be curious as to what type of integration you are looking for @Peter_Youssef? Essentially what is the goal/function of the platform you are looking to link to - do you want data ingested into Dynatrace or export the Dynatrace data to a 3rd party. 
These contexts matter in order to fully understand the overall goal and possibility route. 


Hi @Peter_Youssef I'd also like how do you scope and integration like that (what are your desire for an integration between the two platform).

I was asked the same 2 days ago and I started to read about Nexthink



Hi @Peter_Youssef, I'd also like to understand your motivation for this integration.
Maybe there is a possibility to use this Nexthink module and the Dynatrace API (e.g.; POST /metrics/ingest) to exchange data between Nexthink and Dynatrace.
I don't know if an additional integration is required. And with the newly announced NexThink flow module it should be much easier to exchange data between both platforms.


I would also be interested in sending Nexthink metrics to Dynatrace. This is a potential to address issues raised by the change in support of the browser extension monitoring. 

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