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Problem notification integration using custom integration(webhook)


Fellow Dynatrace Veterans,

We have managed dynatrace environment where we are facing issue while configuration of Custom Integration in Problem Notification setup.

the reason we are using this approach as Service Now defer to install Dynatrace app on there side, As we have alternate way to send notification to Service Now API hence used Custom Integration using User Name and password with URL provided by Service Now. after the configuration while checking to send test notification we are seeing "User Not Authenticated" error message.

Please let me know if you folks can guide me what I'm missing here, you help is greatly appreciated.

Dynatrace ServiceNow Custom Integration Problem.jpg

Thanks & Regards,

Krunal Dave



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you try sending the same request using postman for example? There you will see direct response with information about issue you have here. Response should be visible in Dynatrace settings. But what I see is that you are using authentication header. You said that you are using username and password as query parameters. So what authentications mechanism are you using actually?


Regards, Sebastian

Sebastian Thank you so much for quick response.

Yes, I did verify the URL in Postman using basic authentication. what we found is user name/ password provided was incorrect along with URL itself. we have updated credential and now we are able to connect to Service Now.

Thank you again.


Krunal Dave

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