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S3 monitoring

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We have dynatrace in SAP BTP, we need to monitor AWS S3 buckets.  I followed the instructions mentioned here:

Having AWS user with policy (attached) and Key-based access to AWS, I am able to connect to AWS from Dynatrace (in order to keep it simple I monitor all resources in AWS).  As for "Manager supporting services" I add all metrics for S3 (managed-supporting-services-s3.png).  As the result I can see only number of all buckets in my AWS (list-of-buckets.png), however there are not metrics as for the specific bucket like size of bucket, etc (no-metrics-for-bucket.png). I tried to upload, download, delete some files in the S3 and i was waiting for 30min, however I see no metrics in dynatrace for this S3 (even having time period 365 days).
Finally I have tried to install ActiveGate in AWS EC2 (active-gate.png), but the result was the same, being able to see just list ob buckets with no metrics.
I appreciate any advice what I am doing wrong or am i missing something?  


Thank you!

Best Regards
Peter Benicky




You may want to check which metrics are available in AWS for your s3  buckets. -


- And the metrics you can configure/add in Dynatrace.


When you added s3 as supporting service, you get what you are probably seeing now (AllRequests, 4xxErrors, 5xxErrors). You can add more ("configure metrics") so long as those you want to add are enabled in AWS.

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