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SLO - "best of" two entities



Anyone have a great way to calculate an SLO for two or more entities reporting successrate metric in percentage? In this case it's redundant VPN's so as long as one VPN have 100% successrate then the SLO should be 100%.

Imaginary metric:



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

What about just not splitting it? So using :splitBy() in your case.  

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Thanks for your reply, that would give me a combined percentage right? 200% maximum in the case where it is two VPN's. So even if I divide the percentage with the number of VPN's the result would be less than 100% if one was below 100% even if the other was 100%. 

Maybe I'm not making sense. 🙂
Let me try to explain further.
I want an SLO that starts burning if all both successrates are below 100%. It's redundant VPN's so both VPN's need to be down to burn the SLO, as long as one VPN is 100% the SLO metric should be 100%.
The red circles should not burn the SLO (as one tunnel is 100%) while the blue one should as the successrate on both tunnels are below 100%.



After thinking some more about your answer. If I had max it should be correct I think. 🙂

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