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ServiceNow Maintenance Windows to Dynatrace Managed


Problem: Just like any other enterprise we have our IT footprint spanning across the continent host in Multi-Cloud, on-prem, Co-Location centers. This brings problems at different levels stating from Maintenance Windows to Scaling issues.


Cloud: scale up/down occurs we generate problems which turn into tickets are causing toil on the support teams. 

On-Prem/Co-Location centers: Maintenance of Application leads to either complete event suppression or extensive amount of work on Dynatrace Managed to suppress on the process level.

Either of the situation impacts SLO's, AI calculations, Dash boarding, etc.,

Request: ServiceNow is holding our CMDB information which is used for Customer SLO's and maintenance windows for Applications, Systems, etc., are already defined in ServiceNow. Can this be ingested into Dynatrace and reduce the complexity on the operations team.

Any recommendation or suggestions who have any experience is appreciated. 

I have checked into the article that was published couple years ago -



Dynatrace provides an API to create/update the maintenance windows information in Dynatrace.
Please have a look into this community chat:
Solved: Creating maintenance window using setting API - Dynatrace Community

With this API it should be possible to import the maintenance windows information from ServiceNow into Dynatrace.
Unfortunately we haven't any experience with this API as we still looking for standardizing all our maintenance windows information from different platforms (e.g., Sharepoint) into one maintenance window solution within ServiceNow.

But I'm interested in, if others have successful implement the maintenance window updates between ServiceNow (source) to Dynatrace (receiver).


Thank you @StefanSchwarz for the article. We are using API to create planned maintenance windows but when it is still an overhead on the operations team. If an issue has occurred need to check multiple places to see why the problem made or didn't make it into an incident ticket.

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