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ServiceNow and Dynatrace bi-directional traceability


Hi team,

Just a quick question - For establishing bi-directional traceability between dynatrace and ServiceNow, what all information we can import from ServiceNow to Dynatrace?

I am aware of one that through "Comments sections" in Dynatrace we can have ServiceNow incident ticket link passed, but was wondering, would be great if post this integration we could also see the ServiceNow incident ticket number on DT problem card page too or anywhere.

Passing information from Dynatrace to ServiceNow is pretty simple and enriched with all valuable information but would be awesome if vice versa could also be possible.

Please let me know of we have anything already in place or could be something to post as a future "Product idea"


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

That's a neat idea. I would say that you could invoke Dynatrace from ServiceNow, but that is not standard. Please remember that the integration is on the ServiceNow's side, so you'll probably be better checking on their side.

Antonio Sousa

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