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ServiceNow support for Quebec release


Sorry the Quebec release is fully supported?

This question because all the tags {State} {ProblemImpact} Problem {ProblemID}: {ProblemTitle} defined in the settings panel are posted in the "Short description" ServiceNow field instead of "Description" field.


Please let me know any method to post that placeholders also in "Description" field.





Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Antonio,  Yes this is how it is OOTB. There is a transform map in ServiceNow called 'Problem to Incident Transformaton' . They need to change the mapping to Description instead of Short description for the Dynatrace Problem summary and this should help with it. The code resides on ServiceNow 

Hi Jairam,


thanks so much for the replay.


Sorry for the clarification, I don't have any access to the Snow end because it is in charge to a specific team, so can I ask you to see that transform map all capabilities and all other maps installed in ServiceNow and useful to create the incidents. For example there is also  a map to convert the "Resolve" to "Close" state? Thanks, Antonio

Yes the transform map maps some the Dynatrace data to the ServiceNow incident data. If you have a dedicated ServiceNow team then they should be able to look into it and make sense of it

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