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WebHook Integraton "ProblemDetailsText" Polulate (BMC Service Desk integration)



We are using the ActiveGate with the MQ plugin and we are trying the Problem Notification with BMC Service Desk to generate Incidents when MQ Problems are encountered.  We use the webhook to reach and generate the ticket with this payload


"Environment": "PRE-PROD",
"Source_Application": "Dynatrace",
"Notification_Name": "MQ Custom Integration",
"State": "{State}",
"result": {
"Summary": "Problem {ProblemID} - {ProblemTitle}",
"Assigned_Group": "Global MQSeries Server Operations",
"Assigned_Support_Organization": "Application Hosting",
"Urgency": "1-Critical",
"Impact": "4-Minor/Localized",
"Categorization_Tier_1": "Break/Fix",
"Categorization_Tier_2": "Service Functionality",
"Categorization_Tier_3": "General Error Message",
"ImpactedEntity": "{ImpactedEntity}",
"ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",
"Tags": "{Tags}",
"ProblemImpact": "{ProblemImpact}",
"ProblemSeverity": "{ProblemSeverity}"


I'm not quite understanding what is passed to the webhook with the field

"ProblemDetailsText": "{ProblemDetailsText}",


We get the problem Title but not the details (i.e. MQ object name that has breached a threshold to trigger the problem.


Anyone else solve this?


For example:

We have a channel problem that creates the Problem and generates the BMC Service Desk Incident but there is nothing passed to Service Desk Incident about the name of the channel in error.  









Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

To clarify, are you seeing anything  in that field or just not the information you're looking for?


If you are getting something and just not the details you need, assuming you're using a custom event for alerting the default description message in the custom event doesn't include dimensions - which is what would have the channel, queue, etc... information.


If you modify that to include the dims... you should see that passed in the integration.






@JamesKitson is exactly right. If this is a custom entity that is leveraging a plugin/extension and a custom event for alerting is set, the data will be limited in that regard. We did an article on how to overcome some of this "Lack of information" by reconfiguring how we name certain items to clearly say what is affected and so on. While this isnt for custom events for alerting it follows the same principal to ensure that references are communicated to team members at time of an issue.






Hi, James.  Thank you, for your reply. 🙂  I'm actually trying to determine what is resolved by "{ProblemDetailsText}".  Where, in the Dynatrace "Problem" is this mapped to?

I haven't looked at it in detail recently but as the description in the UI states it should be the problem event details (i.e. the information configured in the custom event in the example above) and any root cause information detected. So it does not map to a single field.


"All problem event details including root cause as a text-formatted string."

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