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What is the syntax for custom conditions in workflows?

Frequent Guest

Hi, I can't figure out the syntax for adding a Custom Condition in workflows. 

I've tried using expressions which have been working elsewhere like



"{{event()['event.status']" == 'ACTIVE'`



, but the expression is not being evaluated. 

Can anyone tell me the right syntax for this, or show me other examples of how to use Conditions?




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @ysulkin

What you have is almost correct. The custom condition must be an expression as a whole as it should evaluate to a boolean i.e. 

{{ event()["event.status"] == "ACTIVE" }}






Your AutomationEngine ally!

Hello, where can I find documentation on how to use custom conditions, I need to use a condition for a workflow using DQL, for instance, if I get more than 5 records for an IP, it will creates an issue on Jira otherwise ends the task

Hi @Alejandro_hdez,

Currently, there isn't specific documentation dedicated to custom conditions. These typically come in the form of Jinja expressions with an optional condition.

For example, your condition might be:

{{ result("execute_dql_query_1").records | length > 5 }}

 Please let me know if I can help you further. 

Your AutomationEngine ally!

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