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Workflow Action send MS Teams message: get channel/link from owners

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


I understand that you can set up ownership teams and include their contact information:


At the same time for the "send message" workflow action you need to create a teams connection webhook that you then can select in the configuration of the workflow step to decide where to send the message to.

I seem to miss a link there - well I can send to teams in a general workflow e.g. send all Davis Problems to a channel and even add the owner information. But how would one:

  1. get the owners information for impacted entities from a problem (solved)
  2. get the notification configuration from the owner info (solved)
  3. on the fly select the correct MSTeams connection to send a notification to? (it seems the two configs (ownership/teams workflow action) are disconnected.

Since the webhook URL for sending is secret I could think of something like this:
From the ownership get the teams "config" name, and then use this in the send message action to dynamically select the configured webhook config?

My usecase: lots of different ownership teams that should be able to manage their contact information/webhooks but only one generic workflow that sends notifications based on ownership to the right channels.

Any ideas?

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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


Hi @r_weber,

Thank you for bringing up this interesting use case. I understand you want to dynamically select the correct MS Teams webhook based on ownership information to send notifications to the appropriate channels.

Currently, the functionality to dynamically select a Teams connection in the "send message" workflow action based on owner information is not supported. I can see how this would be a valuable feature for managing notifications with changing contact information across multiple ownership teams.

I've briefly discussed this with the owners of the workflow actions, and while it's not currently possible, there is interest in exploring ways to support this kind of dynamic selection. We're considering extending the functionality to accommodate use cases like yours. The following steps will involve a detailed discussion with a broader team to assess such a feature's feasibility and potential impact. While I can't provide a specific timeline right now, I assure you that your feedback is taken, and we will keep the community updated on any progress. 

Thank you for your patience and for contributing.

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