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AWS Firehose log 500 Error


I am using this guide to setup an AWS Firehose to stream logs to my Dynatrace:


The CloudFormation template deploys and I see the Firehose is active.


I have subscribed a Lamba function (log group) to the Firehose and generated some test traffic.  I see my Lambda logs in CloudWatch and now I search for them in Dynatrace.

However the Firehose has a 500 Error in its log:

"message": "Delivery to the endpoint was unsuccessful. See Troubleshooting HTTP Endpoints in the Firehose documentation for more information. Response received with status code. 500: {\"requestId\":\"e20180a8-a6c7-4a2a-9673-782a30a9c387\",\"timestamp\":1713490108059,\"errorMessage\":\"Failed to process any message.\"}",



Can anyone suggest why am I getting this 500 Error?


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