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AWS data in dashboard



I have just signed up for a trial account to use the Dynatrace SaaS PAYG option. We do not have any on-site servers - all our infrastructure is on AWS. We are not currently looking for user monitoring, we are purely interested in infrastructure monitoring.

I have linked our AWS account and the EC2 instances show up (ALBs are missing since they are not supported). The "Monitor > AWS" section of the app shows me how many EC2 instances I have, but beyond that does not provide any useful information.

I tried adding a new Dashboard to show EC2 and Cluster data, but it only accesses data from the example dataset. Is there any way to link my AWS servers to the dashboard?

We have about 20+ instances and I don't really want to install OneAgent on each of them and restart. It is also unclear whether OneAgent is only for user monitoring or also for infrastructure monitoring.

Without access to more detailed AWS data this would be of no use to us.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The Cloudwatch API Integration only provides the additional information you see in the Montior -> AWS Dashboard you mentioned.

All other information, weather only Infrastructure or full application insights, is gathered by the OneAgent.

If you want only Infrastructure Information you can install the OneAgent on the machines in Cloud Infrastructure mode. This also means that no restart of the application is necessary after installing the agent.

Installing the OneAgent is pretty simple and can be automated easily if you do not want to do it manually on 20+ machines.

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One addition: you SHOULD be able to drilldown to individual instances and see basic infra metrics (cpu, memory, etc) on individual "monitoring candidate host" screen.

Also - installation of one agent is easy, simple doesnt require instance restart and can be fully automated.

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