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ActiveGate with AWS CloudWatch Integration for a multi-account setup


We are considering NOT using the OneAgent in our AWS setup. The setup is currently focused on Infrastructure monitoring only.

Metrics flow : AWS CloudWatch metrics >> Environment ActiveGates >> Dynatrace SAAS

What are the cons.

1. What are the metrics that will be available through OneAgent but not in CloudWatch metrics (enabled by CW Agent)

2. Can the ActiveGates capture the metrics for their respective regions?

3. Can High Availability be achieved if we have 2 ActiveGates in different AZs, per region?

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Amith,

1. The agent, even in infrastructure mode, will go into far greater detail and provide more metrics, for example the AWS integration does not pull in memory usage for EC2 instances. The below links provide full lists of available metrics:

For a list of available CW metrics you can find them here: Amazon Web Services | Dynatrace Docs

For a list of out of the box infrastructure metrics from the OneAgent you can find them here: Built-in metrics | Dynatrace Docs

2. Yes, they can also capture metrics across different regions or can be configured to only target the region they're in.

3. Yes, by default Dynatrace will try and split the load across available Activegates and if one of them fails, it will pass the monitoring configuration to another available one. If you spread them across AZs it will still work just fine and you'll get HA.

Hope this helps!

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