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Amazon EventBridge Integration


Hi guys!

I have been exploring the integration with AWS services and I came in with a doubt!

When we active the service for Amazon EventBridge, all the eventbus that we have on the account they're going to be monitored? Cuz It does not have a section to apply the tag... only in the rules it is possible.

Also... in our environment we have two eventbus, but only one is monitored. 

I checked into the one which is not being monitored and I saw that inside the YAML template the section "Resources" is empty while the one monitored have been applied as "Type: AWS::Events::EventBus". 

Since the permission policy contains "events:ListEventBuses", i need to specify into the template the "Type: AWS::Events::EventBus" otherwise it will not list?

The craziest thing that I can monitor the rules even not monitoring the EventBus... 

I can provide more details if needed.. Thanks!!


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