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Amazon EventBridge Integration


Hi guys!

I have been exploring the integration with AWS services and I came in with a doubt!

When we active the service for Amazon EventBridge, all the eventbus that we have on the account they're going to be monitored? Cuz It does not have a section to apply the tag... only in the rules it is possible.

Also... in our environment we have two eventbus, but only one is monitored. 

I checked into the one which is not being monitored and I saw that inside the YAML template the section "Resources" is empty while the one monitored have been applied as "Type: AWS::Events::EventBus". 

Since the permission policy contains "events:ListEventBuses", i need to specify into the template the "Type: AWS::Events::EventBus" otherwise it will not list?

The craziest thing that I can monitor the rules even not monitoring the EventBus... 

I can provide more details if needed.. Thanks!!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@GustavoPires are you still having this issue or has it been cleared up?


Hello Chad,

My apologizes for the delay I took to answer you...

We still have this problem about EventBridge where we can't monitore the eventBus but also it's not declared in the Resources. It might be the main cause, unfortunately we couldn't apply to test it.

Instead of getting the return from the EventBridge we are monitoring the value from a query which has been executed in the database.

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