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Cluster Node migration from AWS environment to On-premise environment


We're planning to move our existing Production cluster node from virtualized environment to a new On - premise environment.

3 nodes are installed on a virtualized environment(AWS) and the new production nodes will be 5 physical machines with better CPU/RAM/Storage configuration.

According to the Dynatrace documentation (1, 2, 3) new nodes "must" be in identical configuration as the old ones, so if we go with the data replication method by adding new cluster nodes, we will have incompatibilities.

How do you think we should proceed? What are the pre-requisites we should be taking care of?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

They can be different - meaning - they can be better = stronger and they can run a different OS and environment. 


If you go the replication path - the latency should be minimal between 2 data centers. 

If you go with backup/restore - not much requirements are here. More drawbacks maybe - with the downtime and data lost.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hi can you guide me for the port opening,  which ports should be open from where? 

Hi, since we are migrating from cloud to on-prem, can you please guide me with command to check which agents are connected on managed cluster node, as we had raised the port opening directly from application farm to Managed cluster node.

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