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Dynatrace GKE and the hipster shop Demo

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


A picture tells everything:

Anybody any advise how to continue?

I have read below,

In addition, there is a serious issue with how Go uses musl libc. This limits the extent to which Dynatrace can support musl-based applications. The Go toolchain includes an internal linker that generates musl-based application binaries that do not correctly initialize musl libc at application startup. This issue prevents Dynatrace from monitoring these applications. Dynatrace will display the message "Activation of deep monitoring was unsuccessful, Monitoring of Go musl binaries built with Go internal linker is not supported" on relevant application process pages.

Using the system linker to generate the application binary will add startup code that correctly initializes shared objects. Adding -ldflags '-linkmode external' to the build command line enforces usage of the system linker. The resulting binary can be monitored by Dynatrace and will execute with a correctly initialized libc.

But is there an otherway?

KR Henk


Community Team
Community Team

From Dante:

AFIK, there is not.

Since using musl with internal linker won't allow to get external libraries, as the doc says. You would need to fork it and do the changes you want to do. Or use a fork by someone at DT ( maybe?)

Keep calm and build Community!


Hi, Henk!


I'm trying to use Hipster-Shop for some tests, but I came across this problem. Could you tell me how I can solve it to use the application on Dynatrace?

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