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Dynatrace Managed integration with AWS cloud


Hi, We are using Dynatrace managed with DT cluster having 3 nodes and one cluster of Active gate with 2 nodes.
The Active gate currently is not publically exposed i.e. there is no public IP assigned. We are trying to set up another AG with public IP but it's coming at a very high cost. I am looking for alternatives.

Our application is deployed on AWS which we want to monitor in our managed Dynatrace.

Is it possible to have the public AG set up in AWS which will then talk to our managed AG which then will speak to DT clusters for the data flow.

AWS VPC -> Cluster AG (public endpoint) -> Cluster AG (internally hosted) -> DT clusters.

Is it possible to achieve this? This way we have better control as we have our own AWS within corporate network and cheaper that way


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don't see why you couldn't. Our organization had set up Virtual Devices that handled our AG's to help reduce cost and such. I think its worth a shot for sure!


Hi @Chad T. Thanks for your response. Do you think we need Environment Active gate as well?

You know I have looked into multiple places and spoke to people in Dynatrace but still don't full get the difference between Env AG and Cluster AG.

My current deployment contains 1 cluster AG and 2 Env AG but I am not sure if the Env AG is being used at all? How can i know that it is being used?

Basically I will tell what my requirement is -

I have 2 applications which are deployed on private cloud externally and some applications deployed in AWS which is with in out corporate network.

Now I would like to monitor them all including RUM. I am trying to understand what my architecture will look like?

My current stack looks like this

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