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Dynatrace Terraform provider?


Does Dynatrace have any kind of Terraform provider?

I have a client that uses Terraform and would like to auto-add maintenance windows for machines and be able to generate an AWS API token and associate it with the IAM Dynatrace role.



Matthew, Do you find any solution for this question ?

I did not, although I'm sure there is one... just haven't had a reply yet.

Thanks for the quick reply.

@Matthew E.

can you elaborate a bit on the use case ? Is it about Terraform providing Dynatrace info about maintenance windows so we suppress allerting based on this for specified machines ? Also please clarify what do you want to solve with your second request.


I will try and explain although I don't understand Terraform terribly well.

I think what the client was trying to do was to use Terraform to push out changes and as part of that tell Dynatrace to enter that entity into a 'maintenance mode' so that Dynatrace AI wouldn't generate an alert for an unavailable host or service. I think they also wanted that logged on the Dynatrace side (assuming using the Events API).

So I guess the question really is, what kinds of integration could we do with Terraform? It was more an art of the possible question than a specific use case although they are looking to do two specific things.

1) Have Terraform create a maintenance window inside Dynatrace for entities that are being affected by change

2) Have Terraform push an event via the events API so that context is given inside Dynatrace.

I think our APIs have this capability already but they are looking for a Terraform example of it.


Karolina that link is for this question. Here is the link for the product idea:

You're right 🙂

Keep calm and build Community!

After some Googling, I found other Dynatrace users have made attempts with Terraform for various use cases...

But what would be really good would be to offer an officially supported provider like some of your competitors (i.e. Data Dog, New Relic).

We just ran into a use case where we wanted to use Terraform to create an AWS account, then add that AWS account into Dynatrace for CloudWatch integration. All the APIs for this exist, so it could be done by community, but it would be fantastic if Dynatrace worked with HashiCorp to have an officially supported provider and appeared on this list

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It's officially there:

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert


Any clue on how often this is looked at - ? Have reported some issue around maintenance windows 

keen if we can get support around this. 




The terraform provider (at is being actively developed/enhanced.  I believe a fix for the issue you mention is targeted for release this week.

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