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Dynatrace configuration for AWS infrastructure and services monitoring with no CloudWatch


Hi Team,

currently we have Dynatrace SaaS environment for our applications and infra monitoring.

We have few applications hosted in AWS and we would want to configure/integrate Dynatrace Monitoring for these AWS hosted applications without configuring CloudWatch.

Our intention to get the AWS resources (Network, EC2, S3 and other AWS) metrics (must not have CloudWatch) to be available in Dynatrace dashboard.

Please let us know if this scenario is possible? If so, please share us the further steps!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Dynatrace provides monitoring for AWS through integration with both OneAgent and CloudWatch. You can monitor your application with OneAgent (

Otherwise, we use Cloudwatch. You can think about writing your own plugin to get this information from AWS and send it to DT.



Have a nice day!

Hi Radek,

Thank you for your response. Can you help me with below as well?

1) As a first step, Do we need to configure AWS IAM in order to integrate with Dynatrace?

2) OneAgent must be installed in each EC2 instance? How about S3 and Network monitoring.

Appreciate if you can help me with the required details or references.



1) I don't have that much experience with permissions in AWS, but from the documentation it looks like you configure IAM for an integration using Cloudwatch. This should not be required for OA.


2) Exactly OA can be installed for EC2. Within the entities covered by DT monitoring you will have basic network monitoring . 

For S3 monitoring you need CloudWatch (

In general, to take full advantage of the potential of DT and download metrics from AWS I recommend using CloudWatch - it will be difficult without it.


Have a nice day!

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