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Extending AWS Monitoring via API calls in workflow

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

For our AWS monitoring, there are specific things that are not covered in the default metric collection that would be resolved with a few extra calls.  We are specifically looking for status of DMS tasks and it is documented here: Monitoring AWS DMS tasks - AWS Database Migration Service (


Would it possible to leverage the existing Dynatrace interface in AWS accounts to gather additional metrics?  Alternatively, could we leverage AppEngine/Workflow of the new Dynatrace GUI to make custom API calls to AWS?  The JavaScript calls are documented here:   AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 (






Sure, you can use the built-in Dynatrace interface in your AWS accounts to gather more metrics and improve your monitoring features. In addition to native AWS monitoring services like CloudWatch, Dynatrace offers reliable monitoring and analysis options. When I was doing CCSP online training I got the same issue then I asked the same with the community member, so yes you can do it. 

One more thing you can also use or try using API calls to integrate AWS monitoring into your workflow, may be it can give you comprehensive data and automate a number of chores associated with keeping an eye on your AWS resources.  Hence you may read this: aws using dynatrace

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