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How can we get to the AWS Cloudwatch Custom Metrics and Alarms?


Dynatrace can retrieve the default AWS cloudwatch metrics, for example # of API gateway 500 response or lambda error rates.  These are default AWS metrics.  DT can read them, catalog them, report and alert on them....Why can't DT get the custom metrics as well?  They are cloudwatch metrics, they are stored and reporting in AWS the same way the default metrics first, why can't DT get to them?

Cloudwatch alarms are a basic construct of Cloudwatch and built on either default or custom metrics.  The state of those alarms should be visible to DT because it has access to the account...  The alarm status would be useful to DT because it could include any remediation actions that get attached to alarms.

That is one of the power of using CW alarms....if you trip them, you can tie a compute function to the that does a thing...that thing can be fire an alert, it could to fix the problem, it could be to pull a dead man brake.


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