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Monitor AWS Services with Dynatrace Managed

Hello, I am looking into integrating AWS with my Dynatrace (managed) to monitor some of the services. I already have a public Active gate hosted within my data centre assigned with a public IP which can ingest the data from external resources like RUM, Cloud etc. We are already doing using that for GCP and RUM.

I have looked into the AWS documentation provided by Dynatrace and it seems like I have to install an EC2 instance on AWS account and then install a Environment active gate to send the data to my Dynatrace.
Does Dynatrace not provide a containerised solution to achieve this? Our company is focussed on Cloud native structure and we really don't want to manage an extra EC2 instance just to install an Active gate. Is it mandatory to have a EC2 instance on AWS for this integration to work out?

I am looking for some alternatives if there are any and if anyone else has faced similar situation, I look forward to what they had done.

Best Regards,


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Looking at the prereq on this doc page you sent, it mentions that Managed can use any kind of AG, so you could try to deploy the containerized AG and see if it works:


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

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