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OneAgent on AWS with Auto-Scaling

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Would it be possible to configure AWS to automatically create new images with OneAgent embedded? Appreciate advise on how this can be setup. Also what would be the best practices for auto instrumentation (ie. DT services must startup before Application services)?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

You could do this via Elastic Bean Stalk as described here: Can I install Dynatrace via AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

Is this applicable to regular (non-PaaS) applications? I believe what Linda is referring to is for standard EC2 instances auto-scaling (IaaS) and how the DT agent is set up. Must it be included into the AMI or will the instance copy functionality work? I'm wondering about that myself.

Hi, sorry for late reply, yes as you can see in the doc link above this uses full stack one-agent install package. AWS Beanstalk states that the .ebextensions scripts are run "whenever a server is launched in your environment": I guess that also covers situations when EC2 instance is launched as a copy, however it may happen that Oneagaent is already installed there. You'd have to test how it works in your scenario.

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