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OneAgent vs OpenTelemetry agent for use on AWS?


Hi, I was reading about DT's support for OpenTelemtry and it looks to me like the OpenTelemetry agent covers all of the use cases of a OneAgent, and can be used in its place when OneAgent support isn't available. But it is also my understanding that AWS services such as AWS API Gateway or Lambda will automatically emit OpenTelemetry trace data. This leads me to assume that OpenTelemetry is in fact superior to OneAgent on AWS, due to having the additional context of other AWS services in the trace.


Does anyone have any experience with a use case like this? I appreciate any insight!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Sean_Weber were to able to connect with anyone that has insight on this?


Nope unfortunately not

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

for serverless the differentiation on collected traces is indeed not that big. Still the Dynatrace AWS Lambda Layers have some big advantages over using OpenTelemetry only. For example is that we provide automatic real-user monitoring for webapps served from AWS Lambda. Due to the nature how traces/spans are processed (e.g. OpenTelemetry only sends finished spans) we can provide much better realtime service analysis for spans coming from AWS Lambda Layer.  Our approach is to not compete with OpenTelemetry and use it complementary to our OneAgent based instrumentation. E.g. if you need additional tracing into e.g. AWS DynamoDB (which is currently not provided within our AWS Lambda Layer), then use additionally the client SDK instrumentation within AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry to get traceability also into this service.  

This allows you to mix&match traces from OpenTelemetry with PurePath however the spans are consumed, either with OneAgent or via API.  This is important as majority of environments are still very heterogenic, using all different cloud services from IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/.. .  So this comes along with all our other efforts to consume telemetry from any 3rd party source, such as metrics & logs from e.g. cloudwatc  which Dynatrace then puts into context to maximize the insights & automatic analysis within such an environment.

What about Lambda's written in (dot).net ??


I see your post:  Improved integration for AWS Lambda - .NET Core - Dynatrace Community


Following instructions found Integrate OpenTelemetry on AWS Lambda | Dynatrace Docs  and Integrate OpenTelemetry .NET on AWS Lambda | Dynatrace Docs,  it does not appear (based on our experience) that the results of are the same between .NET and Python Lambda monitoring. We  were expecting the .NET lambdas to show up as services but they only show up as custom devices and seem to be disconnected.  

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