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What is the complete protocols and ports that are required for the CAG working?


I am unable to make my Cluster Active Gate as publicly faced and I want to know the complete protocols and ports that are required for the CAG working. My complete DynaTrace Managed setup is in AWS.

I have a load balancer with HTTPS protocol and 9999 port but still its still not getting connected as public facing.



Hi Amith,

For a cluster ActiveGate, you need an External IP address and open port 443. Take a look at this link for the complete list of ports that the AG use.


@Alonso I am looking to establish communication from load balancer to the CAG.
In my case, I do have a public facing load balancer with port 9999 to the EC2 instances that have 2 private IP addresses, But still dynatrace CMC is not picking up the load balancer URL in place of Cluster ActiveGate URL.

I would recommend setting the the option to allow Dynatrace to manage this Cluster Activegate, once we did that, all those red X's went away,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There can be several reasons for that, but most likely you don't have correctly set up the load balancer within was to forward the traffic to your Cluster ActiveGate hosts. It does not have to be 443 port.

How doe the publicly available address/port respond to https requests?

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

From what I see you were able to configure that. 2 things you definitely remember about:

- Domain name has to be resolvable publicly and from each cluster node

- LB cannot cut headers passed from the client side.

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