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Where is the Sydney SaaS Cluster Backed Up?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hey Community,

Question I've got for a customer in Australia around Availability Zones, and how that affects data sovereignty.

In the How is Dynatrace Hosting Secured section of the documentation, it states:

All monitoring data captured by Dynatrace remains the property of our customers. While we mirror captured monitoring data to other AWS availability zones for backup purposes (in support of high availability across multiple data centers), your monitoring data will never be sent outside of your geographic region (United States, European Union, or Australia). For example, monitoring data captured in Ireland always remains in the EU because the Irish backups are mirrored to a cluster in Germany. With this approach, if one data center fails, we still have a quorum and the servers in other data centers of the same region can take over.

However, a quick look in to AWS Regions and Availability Zones tells us that AWS only provides one Availability Zone in Australia. So this customer is wondering how their data can "never be sent outside your geographic region (United States, European Union, or Australia)". Is this a missprint in the Dynatrace documentation, where "Australia" really means "Asia Pacific" region, as indicated by AWS?

Any clarification around this would be much appreciated for us, as well as many other potential clients in Asia-Pac that are concerned about data sovereignty.




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

From Krzysztof Szyntar:

...backups are stored within Sydney region. There is another replica created in a separate account, but it is also in sydney

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