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Which image to choose in order to deploy Dynatrace Operator on a GKE Autopilot Cluster.


Hello folks,

I am following the documentation to deploy Dynatrace Operator in a Google Kubernetes Engine that is featured as Autopilot. I am following this documentation:

According to this documentation only images from this repository are supported:

However there are a lot of images to choose from which can become a little confusing. 

Could someone please help on how to choose the right image to deploy Operator? Should I go for the earliest one or should I follow the architeture tags? 

Please advise,

Thank, Alex. 


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hello Alex,

You should chose the version image based on the Kubernetes version and the architecture that is running in GKE. Here you can find information about the minimum and recommended version of the operator. 


And on the same page, a little bit below, you can find information about the different supported architectures. 

Hope this helps. Wish good monitoring! 





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