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Take the Appreciate Others Challenge!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello everyone,

Community – this is a term that we want to focus on in this challenge. We work together in this forum to help each other with various issues and to make Dynatrace a better product, step by step. During all of this, we are also getting to know each other. When we see a specific avatar next to the answer, we can already often say that this is going to be a great answer, that for sure will help me with my question. This is one of things that make us not just a simple Q&A site, but a real Community.

This is the time to appreciate others. Tell us in the comments, which user in the forum you think is the most helpful and who deserves some recognition (we know that each and every of you!, but this time you have to choose someone specific 😉 ). Don’t think about this as a challenge, but more as an opportunity to say “thank you” to someone whose work you think is just amazing.

Everyone that will share their appreciation will also get +100 reputation points.

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can contact me at

Community Team
Community Team

There are so many users, that I would like to say thank you, for being part of the forum: of course the whole Community team, all the super users and their amazing knowledge (especially @Chad T., @Sebastian K., @Larry R., @Antonio S., @Julius L. and many many more) and all the PMs that I have the joy to work with during Product Ideas Review.

But if I had to choose one person that I would like to highlight it has to be @Radoslaw S. For carrying about constantly giving feedback to our users about their ideas, for answering their questions about Dynatrace Managed and finally for helping the Community team with so much stuff, that it's hard to even count it 😉

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can contact me at

Thanks @Maciej N.... all the best for the Community. That motivates to continue all the efforts and even go above and beyond!

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you @Maciej N. for all you do. It is highly appreciated!

Thank you @Maciej N. @Laima V. @Karolina L. for all you do! these Community Challenges are a great new feature along with the monthly updates and Community/Employee Member of the month distinctions!



As @Maciej N. stated, there are so many users that make this community what it is. First and foremost a huge should out to the community admins that work hard to ensure that the community stays organized, up to date, running seamlessly and the fun community challenges that are created.

Outside of the Community Admins, I'd have to say that @Larry R. has always done an exceptional job. Not just at providing answer's but feedback as well. Larry ensures his answers and RFE's are content rich, well laid out, concise and full of step by step instructions when needed! Thanks @Larry R. for your dedication and being an outstanding community member!


Agree. I wish all product ideas are so well-described and so well-thought as Larry's. Describing a pain and pain relievers, a gain and gain enablers with real use cases is what is outstanding.

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Thank you! Always enjoy seeing your posts and exchanging ideas with you. This truly is one of the best vendor communities I have experienced. Both of you and everyone else within the community are truly great.


In the Community, there are a lot of names/avatars that are immediately recognizable. And, indeed, it's particularly difficult to single someone out.

But when it comes to awesome answers, I have to choose @Radoslaw S. And it's not only for my questions, but everywhere I see one of his comments. It does help that he has an inside view of the technology, but that's one of the great aspects of the community!

Thanks @Antonio S. ! It's always a pleasure to hear kind words. I'm trying to bring the technology and decisions that we made in the product closer to You - users. In the same time, increasing transparency and openness, hoping to receive same from others 🙂

And of course... Antonio - keep going with your positive attitude you bring to Community!

Technical Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

One of the things I absolutely love about Dynatrace that compliments the technology so well...


And not just customers, but Dynatrace employee's engagement as well which makes it of such high value. There are so many really great people, it really is hard to even think about specific call outs.

I have to give a huge thank you to @Karolina L. for all the work she puts into the community.

@Wolfgang B. and @Radoslaw S. are outstanding and really listen to Dynatrace's customers.

They are always eager to assist with challenges and listen to new ideas through the RFE's that are posted. Key to that - I can say from first hand experience in seeing some of our needs in the product being met, they do bring all our suggestions and ideas to the table at Dynatrace.

@Chad T. I don't think sleeps! 🙂 Chad is consistently quick to respond to questions in a friendly detailed method. He is active in all areas of the community and you can tell he has a passion for helping others and contributing.

@Julius L. is another great contributor to the community. He has written some plugins for Dynatrace, one of which I use myself for SSL certs.

Both of them daily look to assist and provide solutions in an effort to continue expanding on the Dynatrace technology.

I also have to mention how great it is to attend PERFORM and meet Dynatrace employees and other customers within this very active community.

To everyone in the Dynatrace community - THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!

Thanks @Larry R. lets say when I sleep I even dream Dynatrace haha! 🙂 Check out this cool new post we have going on:


lol 🙂 Funny you mentioned that other post. I just commented on it before looking at this. Good stuff! It's funny how you can miss the little things that can help so much. Great pro tip!

@Larry R. Got my fanatic badge yesterday! I guess it’s official... I really do have an issue!


NICE!!!!! Congrats! 🙂

Thanks a lot, Larry, for your kind words!

Keep calm and build Community!