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Community Team
Community Team


The "Data Explorer" badgeThe "Data Explorer" badgeWe've been going a bit off-topic in the latest months, but in September we're finally back on track. This month's theme should especially catch the dashboarding enthusiasts' attention. 


Following the inspiration from our unstoppable Dynatracer @zietho, we'd love you to show the fanciest explorer tile-based dashboards, your coolest and most insightful metric expressions, or simply beautiful visualizations you're proud of! Share it any way you prefer, so other members could easily check it out.


As always, we've prepared exciting rewards for everyone who'll submit their unique answers down below. You'll get a unique "Data Explorer" badge, 100 bonus points, and who knows... Maybe you'll learn something exciting from other participants πŸ˜‰


Amazing answer for this use case ! Congrats.

Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate/Pro/Services certified

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Starting a new job, it is fun to see what kind of dashboards are needed at a new company.  So many choices right now.  One that I just did that I think could be very helpful to all is looking at Key Requests.  Service key requests have limits of 100 per service or total of 500 per tenant.  I used the :parents with the metric from Dashboard/Data explorer tips - Dynatrace Community to create a dashboard to look at how many key requests are in a tenant and which services have key requests.  Still working to figure out to get exact # of key requests per service.




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