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Take the Online Event Challenge!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community,

It’s time for another challenge! Thanks to this one, you will not only get an opportunity to get bonus reputation points but most importantly – some useful knowledge. What’s this challenge all about?

Tell us about your favorite IT Online Events you plan to attend in the next few months! It’s time to share your knowledge about... how to get some knowledge 😉 Post a comment with links, information when the event/conference/webinar is going to happen, why is it worth to attend it and for whose presentation you’re waiting for the most. Let’s keep it mostly IT-related, but if you think there’s something everyone should hear from outside the world of technology – this would be great too 🙂

For everyone who will share the favorite online event – there will be a bonus 100 reputation points.

Of course, because it is the Online Event Challenge, we would like to share our favorites! 😉

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We are looking forward to a Virtual Hands on Training Session with Dynatrace on Kubernetes Monitoring. We are looking forward to Setting up Cluster monitoring and pod/container monitoring via Helm Charts. Granted, this is not public webinar but I recommend everyone to maximize their learning as we stay home.

Andreas Grabner always has great performance Clinics and I am actually signed up for one: Performance Clinic: Automated SLI-based Performance Testing & Analysis with Dynatrace

These Clinic give you insight and ideas as to how you can implement and improve your current infrastructure and why not, after all it is free!


Thank for saying such nice words about the Performance Clinic @Chad T.! And what about the world outside of Dynatrace? Are you planning to attend some other interesting IT Online Conferences or Webinars?

PS. +100 Reputation Points for you 🙂

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

My favorite next event will happen tomorrow, it's only for Dynatrace partners, so not sure if I can tell anything here... Looking very forward to it!

Another Dynatrace event that I have scheduled is "Using AIOps to focus I&O resources on what really matters" in the Digital Transformation Hub:

I also usually have a look of what I have missed of Dynatrace sessions in Dynatrace's Youtube channel:

From the perspective of getting more knowledge, a paid resource I use is ITProTV. At the moment, I'm deeping my AWS skills. It's a very interesting platform, as it is on-demand. You can also have free access, but that happens to be whatever is streaming at the time.

I hear a lot of podcasts. I usually hear them whenever I'm on the road, which is a lot less lately. I have a big queue at the moment. The following are some of the ones that I'm listening to:

  • Pure Performance
  • PerfBytes
  • Security Now
  • Command Line Heroes
  • Data Skeptic

I might also be attending parts of WWDC20 from Apple, which is online later this month. I have seen some presentations from the last years, and they are very good:

Antonio Sousa

A very impressive list of resources. Thanks for sharing. Love your podcasts. This is definitely well spending time on the road. 🙂

Just another addition that might be interesting for next Wednesday: The AWS Summint Online:

The timings are made for EMEA morning, but I believe there are no restrictions. If someone wants a quick view of the Agendaa, it's avaliable here:

Antonio Sousa

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