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Take the Perform Takeaway Challenge!



Hello, Dynatrace Community!

I believe that all of you heard about Perform - Dynatrace annual summit, which is a four-day event from February 3 – 6 in Las Vegas. Attendance at this event gives you a huge opportunity to deepen your Dynatrace knowledge and industry best practices.

For those of you who can't physically be there, we have good news: you can attend Perform virtually!

Update: All Livestream videos are available here!

Here's the new challenge for you: write down your Perform key takeaways!

The task

Register to the Perform Livestream and watch the Perform 2020 Mainstage sessions live on February 5-6. If you can be at Perform physically and share more details, even better 🙂 You can start by answering these questions:

  • What was the most awesome thing you learned at Perform?
  • Which Perform talk was your favorite and why?
  • Anything else you would like to share 🙂

The Award

  1. The main award is a $25 gift code to the Dynatrace store.
  2. The winning takeaway will be chosen by a board of Dynatrace representatives.
  3. To help us make the decision, we encourage you to vote for the answer you like best 🙂
  4. Every like is worth 5 reputation points that go to the author of the liked answer!


Stay tuned for future updates!



Registered for Perform live stream, watched all live session. I'm excited to see Dynatrace's transformation from traditional APM to Digital Experience Management(DEM) and Real User Monitoring (RUM).

  • What was the most awesome thing you learned at Perform?
    • Full Stack baby!
    • Shift left, automation, automation and automation.
    • Cross Cluster
    • Support for all services in cloud (AWS, Azure)
    • Keptn
    • Davis - why to set threshold of your own when you have Davis!
  • Which Perform talk was your favorite and why?
    • AutoDesk - Amazing implementation they have done so far, and how Dynatrace helping them. Frequent CI/CD deployment.
  • Anything else you would like to share 🙂
    • Thanks Dynatrace for making our lives little stress free, so we can enjoy work life balance.
    • Like to see cross tenant data share.
    • love the opening performance Full-Stack baby, and defend (lip-sync) next day by guitar performance.


Krunal Dave

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

“Full-stack, baby! Now stop, automate and listen: Dynatrace with a brand new addition, Smartscape shows all that there can be pickin’ up dependencies, all automatically.” This is how Peform 2020 was opened by Dave Anderson rapping to known song’s music and nailing the stage. But it’s not only about the performance. It’s to remind everyone that successful business requires digital transformation at the highest level. Automation, explainable and precise AI is the key. That can only be accomplished with Dynatrace!

Running the software will continue to be exponentially more challenging. Predictions say that there's gonna be 500M of new apps and services by 2023. That's more than the past 40 years!!! Moreover, to satisfy user demands apps would have to use technologies at the edge. Unfortunately, 80% of users will not return after negative experience. Sounds like a challenge? Here are few tips:

  1. Automation is mandatory because scale and complexity will be unprecedented. Value and impact of apps will much greater, thus tolerance of issues or failures has to be zero
  2. Go into self-healing autonomous cloud. From DevOps to release better software faster, through automating cloud operations at production
  3. Re-invent and completely digitalize your business to deliver better business outcomes.


Dynatrace Perform 2020 also revealed fantastic announcements - like extended Kubernetes support for full-stack observability and more precise, AI-powered answers. But the conference is not just business and technology. It's also about the people.

My contribution at Perform was at three lines this year - Hands-On Trainings, Innovation Lab and a Break-out session. Together with my team we've shared best practices to deploy resilient, secure and scalable Dynatrace Managed cluster that is ready to be provided as a service to your teams.

"I have learned a lot during that session. When I'm back to the office, I'll apply best practices right away." - a student

During the break-out session we also talked about that. This time from the perspective of Shawn Givan, Optum. What a great story we have shared on the journey from the 2nd APM generation to 3rd gen at web-scale!

I always love to meet people, see their smiling faces when they receive a help, when they come up with ideas to innovate or they find motivation. All of these I experienced during all days at conference. Not only at the Innovation Center, cloud operations tower. Everywhere where I had a chance to talk with people. My batteries are fully-charged!

And the last thing. It was such a fabulous idea by Dynatrace, to bring Davis AI closer to us. That close that we can feel comfortable, and talk with natural language. Davis AI in person!


That was a great event! The greatest so far.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I attended Perform 2020 and it was an absolute blast! I enjoyed meeting Dynatrace staff members that I have been working with for the past two years as well as network with new people and share use cases and ideas with them.

  • What was the most awesome thing you learned at Perform?
    • All AWS & Azure services will be fully supported along with log files by Q2!
    • A Dynatrace App Store is in the works which will allow users to have a one stop shop for the latest and greatest updates for Plugins
    • Cross Cluster
    • Active Directory Plugin for 2008 and newer
    • Total Revamp of smartscape to include problem evolution, problem replay, etc...
    • Keptn
    • NOSOC - Application security by analyzing your code via Dynatrace and pin point vulnerabilities.
    • Davis upgrades to include forecasting/problem prediction
    • Ability to manipulate the raw data behind dashboard tiles
    • Sharing custom dashboard apps via the future Dynatrace App store
  • Which Perform talk was your favorite and why?
    • I really enjoyed the Main stage event with Bernd Greifeneder. Keeping in mind that some of what he announced might not actually ever make it to production, it still shows us that path that Dynatrace is on as they continue to innovate and pack their platform with even more useful tools and extensions. The data is all within Dynatrace and its great that they continue to look into how to Maximize the return on investment for the product. We are very excited for the future and for Perform 2021!
  • Anything else you would like to share 🙂
    • Huge shutout to everyone that helped put Perform together. From the Hotel staff, to the VP's.
    • We are very excited for what the future holds as a Dynatrace customer.
    • Full Stack Baby was great! Even the performance of it at the night club party! I was lucky enough to get a limited-edition shirt too!
    • Loved Andi Granbners talk about using the UFO and Keptn
    • The After Party was great!


Hey Chad!

Thanks for your valuable contribution. We are happy to hear that you had such a great time at Perform and you were eager to share with us your experience in such a detailed and engaging manner. You are the winner of the Perform Takeaway challenge! We will contact you via email regarding your prize! 🙂

Awesome! Thank you so much, I am extremely grateful!!


We are shutdown on all conference travel.

Thank you for making the event available via LiveSTREAM!!!

Key take-aways for in-house use:

  • The App Store!!! Hopefully similar to the ServiceNOW App Store.
  • Dashboard sharing, especially picking them up from the App Store. Reminds me of Solarwinds thwack experience.
  • Active Directory Plug-In for ActiveGate.
  • More complete support of Azure Services. Can Azure Functions be too far away for support notice?
  • It will be interesting to see how much 'noise' Davis deliver via forecasting. Familiar with 30 day, 60 day, and year forcasting in SW Orion.
  • Any improvement in the SmartScape "Death Star" representation would seem to be helpful.
  • The Security integration (initially heard of in PERFOM 2019) are still going to be a tough sell into the SecOps environment. Especially considering the management of the platform. And do we really want a separate platform for SecOps so they can have control?


Thanks Edward S., @Radoslaw S., @Chad T. and @Krunal D. for sharing such insightful takeaways.

It was a pleasure to read your experience and the things you learned. Excited to announce the winner of this challenge - @Chad T. who will receive an award - $25 gift code to the Dynatrace store!

I also loved all of the comments, especially the "Full Stack Baby" gif with Dave's performance 🙂 Thank you all for participation!

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

Thank you so much! Perform 2020 was great and we are looking forward to the many exciting new features to come this year!


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