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Take the Surprise Challenge! ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌❤️‍

Community Team
Community Team

Welcome back in another Community Challenge! :dynaspin:


Special "Dynatrace lover" badgeSpecial "Dynatrace lover" badgeThis time we'd like to challenge your memory. We can differ in many areas, but the one that is totally universal and brings us all here is the Dynatrace platform. Stop for a while and think: what are the features or aspects of using Dynatrace that surprised you or simply made you love Dynatrace❤️

Share your insights below, in any form you prefer, about any great surprises with Dynatrace you can recollect! Every participant gets 100 bonus points, a dedicated "Dynatrace lover" badge you can see on the left, and something really exciting – a 1:1 session with the Dynatrace Community Team to ask about anything!


Can't wait for your answers! 😃



Thank you for your feedback, @VenkataSainath
It's great to hear from an experienced, hailing from an APM background 🔝 that you see so much value in Dynatrace. :oneagent::davis::dynatrace:

Behind every technology, there is a human.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

It was love at first sight for me, the first time I saw Dynatrace and the ease of deployment, compared to tools I worked with before e.g. Vantage, DCRUM, etc.

I think the real kicker for me though was how easy it was to upgrade not only agents but the Managed Cluster nodes! In AppMon, that was probably the biggest gripe with clients and my team: upgrades, and the licensing around it, was painful if you didn't follow the steps to the tee.

The latest WOW factor was when I realized that the Image tile is available :partying_face: for dashboards (in SaaS, for now at least)

Dynatrace Certificated Professional - Mediro ICT, South Africa

Oh, one more person who fell in love at first sight! 😍 Lovely!

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

I'm so surprised on how Dynatrace has evolved.  Coming from a background of AppMon, I remember the first time deploying OneAgent at scale and how fast I can get data. 

Not only that but to use Dynatrace to give answers to why a process, service is experiencing trouble with context! 

As a fan of automation and making development easier there isn't a better fit! 

Nice to hear that you see Dynatrace as an "automatic problem solver". And we are happy that the group of automation fans is growing here. 😃 🔝 

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

There are lot of things in Dynatrace to talk about and love for. Dynatrace is the only tool I have learnt so far and feels like I don't need to learn other tools after seeing what Dynatrace can do. I can concentrate on learning actual application's underlying technology. One good thing about Dynatrace is that it is very easy to install and the analysis to gives is fast and accurate. This saves lot of dollars to our customers in fact in millions every year. 

Ability to build charts, create metrics, Ingest logs and ability to view the traces of each request (PurePath) are the features that no other tool can match and replace Dynatrace with. It is one stop solution for Observability needs in one's infrastructure. Not to forget real user monitoring as well. List simply goes on and on. 

Love more, hate less; Technology for all, together we grow.

Thank you for your insights, Vishruth! Great to have on the Community a person who is so passionate about technology. 😊

Behind every technology, there is a human.

DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor



Yes for me the big change (I used AppMon just before switching to One agent) and one of the big change is the facility and ability to built the instrumentation easier with the autodiscovery (with only one simple agent)...

Also we are now using a full web version instead of desktop version, so the collaboration with teams is now very easy and quit, with a simple link sharing we can have the same view with the others to make troubleshooting.

Also, the introduction of the API is a big enhancement, to retrieve data, to connect with other thirds party, to ingest data... VERY BIG ACHIEVMENT.


Till now some other things are missing, but the most one that can help me a lot (And much other people I guess) is to retrieve the old option from (AppMon / DCRUM) which i duplicate any configuration and edit existing configuration in HTML OR TEXT format.


Thanks for everything and have an excellent day.


Sharing Knowledge

Thank you for your feedback! "Sharing is caring" and Dynatrace knows how important teamwork is. 😉 

About an idea "to retrieve the old option from (AppMon / DCRUM) which you can duplicate any configuration and edit the existing configuration in HTML OR TEXT format." recommend you to submit Product Idea 💡📈

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Hi Both,

Yes idea already submitted for that.

Hope this can help.

Sharing Knowledge

I was waiting for your reply, Malaik, I knew your feedback would be precious! 😄


Dynatrace means in simple word life become easy to find any RCA, monitor any complex arch, to understand any architecture at a glance...

Every month adding new features which make Dynatrace becomes more powerfull day by day....... sometime I feel what would be the next change in terms of the cLOUD, OCP, K8S which makes me more excited.



Sujit Singh

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks for sharing, @Sujit !

These days we have so much data that simplifying complicated processes is a must. And the world needs software to work perfectly like never before. Hope that with every new release you will be even more excited. :star_struck: 

Behind every technology, there is a human.



:clap:Thanks for the cool initiative that you brought it here to the community. And its just a WOW moment for me after seeing such huge responses! Giving away each kudo point from myside to every individual participated here. 😊


I wasn't much acquainted with Appmon though with an experience of various APM tools, I could see lot better options and more visibility in Dynatrace. First of all thanks to have no manual reports. Analysis and reports are some regular tasks for monitoring people in calculations and forecast. With APIs and Dashboards the reporting work gets simple every time.

Much more enhancements to talk about;
ruxit, slos, maintenance, request attributes, rca, web vitals, not to forget Dashboard powerups ❤️ and much more...


However, the limitation on settings/configurations in Dynatrace always leaves a confusion. One such experience is; Host got decomm and agent removed from host. but detection rules for the decomm host are still get calculated in Dynatrace, so every time when there is a removal OneAgent, one should disable all the monitoring settings for that host so that limit gets freed/reduced and you can create new rules/settings again. This situation happened to me for Custom events for Alerting in Anomaly detection. Hope we will get possible enhancements in this too in future. 


many thanks,



many thanks,


Indeed, the scale of feedback is fantastic! Happy to see the group of inspiring answers keeps on growing, especially of the ones like yours - thank you Rajesh for your insights 💡 Hopefully incoming constant improvements of the Dynatrace will make you stay with us for good and raise your satisfaction level!

Thank you for your feedback, Rajesh! A lot of great thoughts! :star_struck:

Behind every technology, there is a human.




For me the surprise was Monitoring As Code (monaco) and the wide range of APIs that make Dynatrace easily configurable and manageable in an automated way --> time saving,
human error avoidance



Less time for troubleshooting is more time for innovation. 😉

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Frequent Guest

For me the eureka moment was seeing how easy it is to turn information that is just a data point in another application into an interactive graph in Dynatrace. 


But the most fun for me has been hearing those Ah-ha moments from our application support teams. Every demo I have done has had at least one moment were someone sees some bit of their application that they either didn't have a way to expose before or that they used custom scripts to get similar results. The ability to translate that to their dashboard or into an actionable alert has been critical for getting those teams to embrace a new tool. 


Fantastically described, thank you for your story @dlb😄

Visualization can be a key to understanding 👌
Thanks for sharing!

Behind every technology, there is a human.


My big surprises with Dynatrace was the User Session Queries Language (USQL). Wow... I see we were into the next generation of user and business analytics.

Great to know how any software improvements gain so significant attention, Breno! :dynaspin:

Oh yes, user and business analytics is an area worth special attention to. 👀 Examining an organization's data and performance as a way to gain insights and make data-driven decisions in the future is a focus of many companies.

Behind every technology, there is a human.


Undoubtedly, dynatrace today is the best monitoring tool on the market, in the environment in which I perform the administration

Today dynatrace is the basis of everything, mapping the entire environment, we use backtrace and purepaths to create specific flows for some environments where we do not have this vision.

We use specific custom alerts to inform us before the board about serious cases that could occur, but with the right sensitivity we can avoid it.

And our great Davis always helping in the most complex analyses, today more than ever in the stacktrace views of mobile transactions that help us to identify failures that occur every day, map and end them.
Thank you all, I'm talking about São Paulo, Brazil.

Thank you for the kind words!  Great to see how Dyntrace simplifies your everyday work with data! :davis: 😊

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I occasionally get to give trainings to new users.
I show them the Smartscape and explain how the OneAgent starts on the host, then automatically detects processes and services, then I explain how the dependencies to other services are discovered, how the services are baselined, problems detected automatically and how DAVIS will try to find the root cause.

And by the time I get there first-time users are usually blown away.

Once I show the service flow and the PurePaths, even more so. It's a quantum leap forward for many first-time users, and observing the moment when the jaws drop always reminds you how cool Dynatrace is.

These jaw-dropping moments are beautiful moments when the new journey begins. Not only with Dynatrace - in a business meaning but as well in terms of amazing relationships that are forming as part of this cooperation. 🤝 🤗

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I started using Dyantrace 4 years back as an end user. I dint knew much about the backend functionality of Dynatrace earlier, was only aware it requires some package component to be deployed on host server (oneagent) that's it and restart my jboss services to track all the service path flow and even backtrace request as we have oneagent SDK enabled on our mobile client app.

I was so much surprised to see a agent service which is not even consuming 200 mb of my resource on server but able to provide me a complete insights of all my service call interactions. I was simply amaze to see Dynatrce  Purepath patent technology. It made my life simpler to debug and issue for finding the quick RCA , instead of spending hours on the application logs to find any kind of errors or warnings.