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Take the Travel Planner Challenge! โ€Œ๐ŸŒโ€Œ

Community Team
Community Team

Travel Planner badgeTravel Planner badgeHello! We're happy to be back, introducing the newest Community Challenge. This time we want you to dream big. Let's share a list of your dream travel destinations! Name places, famous attractions, landmarks, cities, or simply countries that you want to visit... Sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feel free to make a list of the top 3, top 5, or even top 10 locations that you'd like to see in a lifetime. Every participant of this month's challenge gets a unique "Travel Planner" badge, and bonus 100 points! Let's create together an unforgettable travel plan ๐Ÿ’ก 

Let me start this month's challenge to mention my top 5 places I'd love to see at least once โœˆ๏ธ

1. ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ South Island, New Zealand 

2. ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Cape Town, South Africa

3. ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ Shanghai, China

4. ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Nuuk, Greenland

5. ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Poland, Kiribati


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This month's challenge is an easy one! But difficult because there are so many places left where I would love to go! As I got one off my list this year, here are my Top 10:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Iceland
  • Prague
  • Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Maldives
  • Santorini
  • Machu Picchu
  • Hawaii
  • Ibiza
  • Budapest
Antonio Sousa

Prague and Budapest are perfect city break locations - and not so distant, highly recommend them!

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hooo Love it.


I want to visit in the next coming years:

1- Seychelles.

2- New Zealand: Auckland, Queenstown, etcss.

3- Pรฉrou: Machu Picchu.

4- Scotland: a big trip in much places.

5- Ireland. 

Sharing Knowledge

Ireland rocks! They really call it a "green island" for a reason, it's so relaxing to travel around rural areas there ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


I don't have a lot of places on my list but the following cities and countries are always in my mind and I hope to travel to someday:

1- Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo - Japan
2- Seychelles
3- Napoli - Italy

Certified Dynatrace Professional | Certified Dynatrace Services Delivery - Observability & CloudOps | Dynatrace Partner -

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

My very first place is not a place in fact, but the reason why. I just want to see the northern lights... just that.

  1. Anywhere where I can see the northern lights.

Then I would visit some places with a beautiful beach view.

  • Fiji
  • Hawaii
  • Philippines

And then, some place with snow.

  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Finland

So, if Norway was also a beach place, I would list only that country to my list ๐Ÿคฃ

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

Huuummm, beach and snow at the same time??? This is not an easy one.

But one of the most interesting places where I've been is Marakesh, in Morocco. You've got the Atlas mountains very near, with Oukaรฏmeden being the highest ski resort in Africa. And golden sandy beaches are not far away! So, it might meet your requirements, with additional things too!

Additionally, it's where I had the most surreal temperature experience: 46ยบC, very low humidity and windy. Got in the pool, it was OK, but when I got out, I started shivering with cold! It lasted about 30 seconds. I couldn't believe it, so I got in the pool again ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I had to think a little bit what was going on, so I shivered several times, in and out of the pool ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ To understand what was going on, my previous experiences with zeers helped a little bit ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Antonio Sousa

LOL, I am imagining you getting in, getting out the pool and taking notes on a notebook for experience purposes.

I remember when I went to Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, in the geysers, outside around -9ยบC, inside pool (thermal waters from underground) around 40ยบC. It was a pain to get out and put clothes on. And I have it on tape, ๐Ÿคฃ

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl
Quarta parte da viagem do Moto Clube Harpias das Gerais e o Moto Grupo Bando do Macaco ao Deserto do Atacama, no Chile. Registro dos passeios em San Pedro de Atacama, Valle de La Luna, Vale de La Muerte, Piedras Rojas, Lagunas Altiplanicas, Reserva Nacional dos Flamingos, Geisers del Tatio ...

Let's kick the temperature difference a little bit higher? How about entering the 300 Club? ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Antonio Sousa

Iceland should tick three boxes off your list: snow โœ”๏ธ, beaches (black sand!) โœ”๏ธ and northern lights!caption.jpg66cfaf7fb3bdcfde6df3bd75a3a04f61.jpg

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Difficult answer but:

  1. ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต  Tokio, Japan.
  2. ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ  Pekin, China.
  3. ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท  Paris, France.
  4. ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ  Tenerife, Spain.
  5. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ  New York, USA.

Best regards

โค๏ธ Emacs โค๏ธ Vim โค๏ธ Bash โค๏ธ Perl

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I'd go with the following:

1. New Zeeland, preferably with a helicopter to the places where they shot Lord of the Rings.

2. Iceland during a northern light. Even though I'm from Sweden I never saw a really clear one. Iceland seems like a great place to see it first

3. Hawaii, the relaxed island vibe seems great

4. One of the Caribbean islands, perfect beaches and crystal clear water sounds like a nice vacation


Last month there were northern lights visible across half of Poland, sadly the sky was rather cloudy. Seems like I'll need to travel somewhere above the Polar Circle to see this phenomenon after all ๐Ÿค”

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This is a good one ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Still waiting for the opportunity to visit Lapland and ride a dog sled 

And definitely will want to visit again:

  1. The Rocky Mountains with RV
  2. Northern India on a motor bike 
  3. Hแบก Long Bay with a cruise ship 
  4. Drive slowly all The Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip
  5. Track by foot from the old city of Jerusalem to the deepest place on earth the Dead Sea 

Now I really need a vacation ๐Ÿธ 

dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel


I love to travel, and out of many places I want to go, I chose three places.

1. Montreal, Canada๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
My daughter was studying abroad in 2019 at McGill University in Montreal. She often told me about the charm of Montreal, which is called the "Paris of North America."

2. New York Yankees Stadium
I like baseball, so it's a place I'd like to visit once.โšพ

3. Grand Canyon
It happened in 1996 when I visited the United States๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ on my honeymoon. My wife and I flew from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon on a small plane๐Ÿ›ฉ. However, due to bad weatherโ›ˆ, we were unable to land at the airport and the plane turned back, which was very disappointing.๐Ÿ˜ž It's been a long time since then, but I hope to visit the Grand Canyon one day.

T.Shirai IIM Corp. Osaka Japan

Community Team
Community Team

In a nutshell...

I would love to go everywhere and see everything! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ

โญ When passion meets people magic and innovation happen. โญ

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

My personal top 5 places  :

1. Tahiti

2. New Zealand 

3. Hawaii

4. Canada

5. Antarctica


Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate/Pro/Services certified

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

My list in no particular order: 

- Maldives

- Greece

- Austria

- Hawaii

- Paris

We are going back to Slovakia in about a month and will be flying into Austria. Maybe we will have some time to visit the beauty of Austria ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Seems like you're having a outstanding passion for Europe, Chad!

How about visiting any of the Dynatrace offices in Austria? Vienna, Linz, Graz, or Innsbruck, for example? ๐Ÿ˜€

Keep calm and build Community!

Community Team
Community Team

Oh boy, so many great options listed above! So many destinations I'd like to see one day ๐Ÿ™ˆ


But if I had to come up with a list:

1. Norway - the last country in Scandinavia I'm yet to visit. I'm so fond of Sweden and Denmark, no doubt that I will love Norway too!
2. Iceland. Seems like such a magical place, with black sands, blue ice and northern lights ๐Ÿ˜

3. USA: would love to have an opportunity to go on a road trip all over the states one day, to hike in as many national parks as possible, and see some locations from the movies as well.

4. Japan. From stories and videos I've seen, it's another world! Such a different culture that I'd love to dive in!

5. Madagascar. For the name itself (and the cartoon ๐Ÿ˜‰), but I'm sure there will be lots of amazing stuff to see and experience as well.


The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

My bucket list:

  1. Alaskan cruise
  2. Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs game)
  3. Rome
  4. Israel as an adult (I went as a kid)
  5. Australia
Dynatrace Certified Professional

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have been a traveler since I was of legal age, but my pending places are:

  1. ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ตJapan
  2. ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฌEgypt
  3. ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ทGreece
  4. ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ดNorway
  5. ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ชGermany
The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Some of the favorite places I already visited are Thailand and Scotland.

Still on the bucket list:

  • Sout Korea
  • Japan
  • Netherlands 
  • Iceland

So many more for the latter list, can't mention them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -

Don't you live around the corner from the Netherlands? ๐Ÿ˜€ If you ever decide to come you can drop me a message and I can point out some things to see.


Yes, it's ~7h by train so not really sure why I haven't made it yet๐Ÿ™ˆ

Thanks will pick you up on that when I finally make it ๐Ÿ™‚

Dynatrace Certified Master - Dynatrace Partner -


It's tricky to choose, but here are the places I'd love to see:

  • Tierra del Fuego & Patagonia, Argentina
  • Lofoten Islands & Northern Lights, Norway
  • Reykjavik & volcanoes, Iceland
  • Tokyo & Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Potala Palace, Tibet
  • Quรฉbรฉc, Canada
  • Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  • The coast of Oman, by motorcycle
  • Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Such a solid selection, I can add all of these positions to my list as well!

Hi @derick_hewetson this is a lovely trekking at the end of the world .

The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

When heading from Tokyo to Nagoya on the Tokaido Shinkansen๐Ÿš…, you can see Mt. Fuji๐Ÿ—ป on the right side of the direction of travel, and on the left side when heading from Nagoya to Tokyo. But only when the weather is fine๐ŸŒค.

T.Shirai IIM Corp. Osaka Japan

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Very difficult to choose only five: ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น See the Stromboli volcano again but in this case at night,

2. ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น Island of Madeira

3. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ Iceland

4. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Route66

5. ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ช Dubai Aura Skypool

Dynatrace Community RockStar 2024, Certified Dynatrace Professional

Regarding Skypools, I personally would love to see one day Marina Bay in Singapore, even more exiting views guaranteed!



  • Japon (Osaka, Tokio)
    • rgarzon1_5-1684941845652.png


  • Norway (northen lights)
    • rgarzon1_6-1684941889906.png


  • Iceland (black beach)
    • rgarzon1_7-1684941923795.png


  • Argentina (The land of Fire)
    • rgarzon1_8-1684942009066.png


fuelled by coffee and curiosity. โ˜•๏ŒŽ

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

1. ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ซ French Polynesia (cocorico!)

2. ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต Japan

3. ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฌ Egypt


Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Places I want to visit
1. Italy 
2. Greece 
3. Thailand
4. Japan
5. Egypt
6. Hawaii (been there already but want to keep going back)

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Well, this one's hard... because when you live in a place as beautiful as Palmela, you don't even dream of going out ๐Ÿ˜…


Whenever we go out and then return, there's no words to describe the feeling of seeing our amazing Castle appearing on the horizon... that's when you know you're home โค๏ธ


However, I do have some places I would like to visit (even knowing I will be homesick for the duration of the trip ๐Ÿ˜‚ ).

Some of them I see already here on the list, but here goes:

  • Positano, Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น
  • Santorini, Greece ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท
  • Route 66, USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
  • Bali, Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ
  • Kakslauttanen, Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ
Best regards, Pedro Deodato

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You hit it right with the topic of the thread in my person's case ๐Ÿ˜

I just returned from a month-long motorcycle trip through southern Europe with my fiancรฉe. We rode without having a plan for the whole trip and how much time we would spend in a particular place. If we liked it we would stop for a longer period of time, and otherwise we would escape further even on the same day (as we did in Ksiamil (Albania)). We tried local cuisines, slept in strange places, helped with Parma ham production and in the olive grove. We didn't think about anything related to work and everyday life. Back to the days of school vacations and carefree days.

Below is the route of our trip:

  • Warsaw - Znojmo (Czech Republic)
  • Znojmo - Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Belgrade - Sarajevo - Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  • Mostar - Korcula - Dubrovnik (Croatia).
  • Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva - Vlora (Albania).
  • Vlora - Corfu (Greece)
  • Corfu - Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • Thessaloniki - Istanbul (Thrace)
  • (Ferry) Istanbul - Athens (Greece)
  • 4 days in southern Greece
  • Zakinthos (2 days)
  • Kefalonia (2 days)
  • (Ferry) Patras to Brindisi (Italy)
  • Sicily (4 days) (Italy)
  • Messina - Naples (Italy)
  • Naples - Roma (Italy)
  • Northern Italy (Bologna, Pisa, Milan, Garda)
  • A few days back in the Polish Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska.

Next year we are planning the same one-month trip only in India. And this year still a mass of shorter and longer trips combined with remote work - eh too bad we already have a lack of available vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: For the trip I packed as a spare Dynatrace socks (it turned out that I didnโ€™t do laundry beforehand xD). Special motorcycle socks didn't make it and were terribly uncomfortable. My everyday choice was just DT socks. Send me more of them because they are awesome for a motorcycle - I don't know how this is possible, but it is xD


Have a nice day!

That's an amazing experience! I'm dreaming about a similar road trip to explore Balkans, in my case in the meantime I want to include Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. I have a prepared map for that journey, waiting for a proper time ๐Ÿ˜„

I recommend it - you can get an amazing break from work, etc. If you would like I can share a more detailed route ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a nice day!

Bike photo, I need to see your bike photo!!!

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

Hehehe no problem! Catch them ๐Ÿ™‚



Have a nice day!

That's not a bike. That's a spaceship!!! :rocket:

My wife is pushing me to replace my current uncomfortable hard choper for a big trail, as we had in past (Tiger 800 xRX). Let's see, one day...


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

You can always have two ๐Ÿ˜Ž thank you - problem solved ๐Ÿ˜‚

The new Triumphs are great!

Have a nice day!

Love the pics (and the socks :D)! 

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!


I want to visit in the next coming years:

1. Norway

2. Sweden

3. Germany


My travel list will be as follows:

1- Maldives

2- Japan

3- Iceland

4- Rio de Janeiro

5- Hawaii

Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -


1.  Seoul, South Korea

2. Grenoble, France

3. Mdina, Malta

4. Kyoto, Japan

5. Cartagena, Spain

I Love Travelling, My Dream Rides are 










Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

1. Melbourne
2. Tokyo
3. Hong Kong
4. Tallinn
5. Oslo



2-Las Vegas

3-Tokio (Japan at all)



Dynatrace Professional Certified

  1. Australia
  2. Japan
  3. Maldives
  4. France
  5. Singapore
IT Master | dynatrace Certified professional | SRE Certified | Scrum Certified | Azure Certified |

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