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Take the "Davis Insights" challenge!


Recently, Dynatrace has been named the winner in the “Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company” category, recognized for our innovation and the business-driving impact of our AI engine, Davis.

We would like to encourage you to think about the difference Davis makes!

Let's share the stories of how Dynatrace Davis changed the work you do.
Did it make your life easier? Do you have more free time now? How has it impacted you or your customer business? What have you configured to make Davis be more specific on its findings?

Get inspired by reading the following articles:

Everyone that will post in this forum thread the experience with Dynatrace Davis will receive 150 reputation points!

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

So maybe an internal story from the lab. As you all know we use Dynatrace to self-monitor all our deployments in SaaS and Managed (unless someone opts-out). And I can't imagine how to work efficiently without answers we get from Davis on how Dynatrace performs. As one of its results we were able to accelerate our observability I described in the blog post-

One of the recent findings from Davis was an increased CPU on our server process in Mission Control Support Service. It impacted our support teams slowing down UI operations. Problem occurred suddenly without any clear reason. Our dev team was really surprised as they couldn't recall from top of their heads any changes made recently.

Few clicks here, and few clicks there and Davis "says" - "Increased CPU is related to increased requests number received from process 'script X'". It saved us hours to quickly narrow down the root cause to the diagnostic script launched from our CI/CD pipeline. We turned it off to remedy the action. Thank you Davis!

"Our devs can see their code performance, their feature adoption. Real-time, real value". And I totally agree and my business life confirms that sentence. Enjoy!

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Davis has been an absolute life saver! Previously with our older monitoring platform, we heavily relied on static thresholds and static monitoring. As a result of these static settings, we found staff members tossing alerts to the wind with the mind set of "Ohh I'll get another alert later on if it gets worse.... This is just a warning, I don't need to do anything..." And that's where DAVIS comes into play. With our rollout of Dynatrace we wanted to ensure that any and every alert generated is actionable, but also allows staff enough time to take action prior to our end users feeling the effects of the reported issue.

We have had many blogs on our use cases, methods and wins! While everyday can be a challenge, just knowing that Davis and Dynatrace Chat is in our corner gives us the confidence to say "Bring it on".

Here are some of our showcased wins, methods and use cases.

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Dynatrace Davis Power in your Car!


Wow, that's indeed a lot of use cases!

I think the "Davis power in your car" video can already be called epic 🙂

Keep calm and build Community!


When Davis was launched, which was only a few years ago, I was extremely impressed with its capabilities. Back then, she was nothing compared to what she does and can do today. I discovered that having an AI like Davis available to me in an interface that I could interact with. Davis is much more than just an AI in the background doing analytics and problem analysis. She also helps me maximize my daily life. I used to go into the office early to go over the previous days and evening logs. Looking to see if we had any problems and what my day was going to look like. Once I had Davis, I was able to stop going in so early. I now have Davis give me a report during my commute to the office. By invoking Davis through my Alexa Auto device, I can get all my morning reports verbally and even drill down into anything I need to. Now, I can leave an hour later and enjoy breakfast with my family before I leave for work. On my drive home, I get a recap of the day. Davis as made my work/home balance better for me and I continue to look for other ways to leverage Davis in this manner. Thank you Davis. Thank you Dynatrace!

This photo of Davis and I was taken at Perform 2020. Please forgive the guy on the left. He photo bombed us. 🙂

Mark Kaplan


I'm still trying to figure out how to put 48 hours into a 24-hour day 😄 Great to hear you managed to save some of your morning time, Mark 🙂 Looking forward to see what you will come up with next!

Nice pic, btw 🙂 It was a truly great Perform!

Keep calm and build Community!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Well, I have to say that I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning, but it faded away quite fast 🙂

There are so many things to like about Davis. But given that I had used so much monitoring solutions in the past, where you have to set limits, and get brutal spam alerts when something goes wrong, I just can't go back yo the Age of Darkness...

Did it make your life easier? Way easier!

Do you have more free time now? No. I just do a lot more!

How has it impacted you or your customer business? Big impact, and I seem my team has grown much larger and can deliver much more!

What have you configured to make Davis be more specific on its findings? Not a lot of configuration, mostly out of the box, and that works great. There are domains where it could get even better, like this RFE I have requested:

Antonio Sousa

I can only second that the less time you need to spend on troubleshooting, the higher motivation to do much more of innovative things!

Keep calm and build Community!


When Davis was launched a few on the team it was a nice gimmick and other than simple commands we did not see how we would use it in a real life enterprise environment. Boy were we wrong, even though we started with very simple phrases we were able to integrate it with our custom apps and give this "power" to the business and developers. It allowed Dynatrace to have a bit of a self service to it. Now teams did not have to wait for the Ops team to provide them details on their environment or specific deployments. We even took it a step further and worked on our own bot to pull not just the metrics but to give us performance test and even full end to end deployments. Also the Alexa feature is pretty cool to integrate and have Davis run thru any issues while you are preparing your coffee. Looking to see what more insights DAVIS can bring to the table and enable AI to be a staple and a standard within the IT enterprise.



Dynatrace Artificial Virtual Intelligence Software ?


How the name DAVIS created ? Does it mean something ?

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