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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Community!


Any surprises in Stats and fun facts, part 1 or Stats and fun facts, part 2🙂


This time, we want to shed more light on the Community team's activity in the Community!


In total:

  • ✏️We authored 1813 posts.
  • 💙 We received 2546 kudos from our Community members.
  • 👍 We gave 4894 kudos to our Community members.

Since launching the new Community platform last March:

  • We viewed Community pages 111 344 times.
  • We've spent 170 196 minutes online.


Let us know if you miss us in any Community areas! Where we can do better, write or moderate more?


Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I really like that the moderation part has already gone up quite a bit. It's great to have someone go through all the Product Ideas and Question to ping the right people if there are no answers / comments yet. Great work!

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

That's how it should be - you give more than you take! What I love is :


"Blessed are those that can GIVE without remembering and RECEIVE without forgetting"

Kudos overall to the Community Team for the great moderation - finding spam, correcting typos, updating product ideas, making sure more and more posts are up-to-date; Good job and keep going!


What I would like to see more are:

  • Diversified Community Challenges (recently we only post pictures of different kinds). 
  • With a help of DynaMights (maybe also in a form of a Community Challenge?) - work more towards finding (and updating) posts that are not up-to-date and might cause false assumptions.
  • Promote content that is most valuable, most visited, asked to our Dynatace Help
  • Update new product ideas 😉 Hopefully all that appear. I know it's hard to go back through hundred that are already posted, but I think it's reachable to update at least new ones
DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

WOW! These are impressive figures!

Your question is a very difficult one, as it seems it's difficult to do better! And it's about the team! And regarding the team, I only have to say that this week's initiative is brilliant!