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Community Team
Community Team

The Dynatrace Product Ideas forum is a key part of our Community. There, you can share your ideas for Dynatrace enhancementsimprovements, and new features. Your input and feedback are essential to us. Thanks to it, we can deliver a solution that fits your needs and delivers the best user experience. 


How to post a product idea

To post a new product idea, you can either just click this link or go to the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum and click Suggest an Idea 

In the Idea Subject fieldenter the topic of your ideaYou will immediately see a list of similar ideas below it, so you can check if someone posted the same thing earlier. 

In the Body field, enter your product idea. Remember that good formatting makes it easier to read and gets your idea more votes from the Community. 

Check our FAQ for more information


Suggest an ideaSuggest an idea


Best practices 

When submitting an idea, include the details about your use case to help us understand your core needs and come up with a related solution: 

  • Why it matters?
  • Give your need or pain point a short name. Try not to include the solution
  • Describe within 2-3 sentences WHO (role/persona) experiences WHICH (needs/pain points) in WHAT (situation)? Please also mention workarounds, if they exist.
  • In 2-3 bullet points, describe the potential benefit and outcome (for example, saved effort, better adoption, or extended visibility) of addressing this need or removing your pain point?
  • In 2-3 sentences, describe which product capability would remove your need or pain?

The widget on the Product Ideas posting page will take you through each step, and will show you examples, how it should look like. Thanks to this, our Product Managers will instantly know, what it is all about, and won't have to ask additional questions about your idea.

Widget will help you create your Product IdeaWidget will help you create your Product Idea


And most importantly: remember to properly label your product ideaWith good labelingProduct Manager responsible for the specific topic will be notified faster and respond to it in more efficient manner. If the product idea is not labeled correctly or if it has too many labels assignedit's less likely to be reviewed quickly. 


Track idea statuses 

Icons and names show an idea status. The status is updated as the idea progresses through review and development. If everything goes according to the plan, this is how an idea transforms into a product feature: 


Product idea statusesProduct idea statuses

If there are any stops along the way, you will see one of these statuses: 


Not planned and indirectly addressed statusesNot planned and indirectly addressed statuses


In the Product Ideas forum, the status labels are displayed at the top. Click a label to display a list of all ideas with that status. 

Remember that you can also subscribe to an idea to see all the updates and changes to it. 



Do this 

Subscribe to an idea exchange 

Go to the idea exchange page and click Options > Follow. 

Subscribe to an idea 

Go to the idea and click Options > Follow 


Check our FAQ for more information


Why does voting matter? 

Thanks to votes, we can more quickly evaluate the needs for new features that are coming from our CommunityIdeas with higher vote count are a sign to us that the use case presented in the idea is voiced not only by its author, but also by many other users from different companies 

Product ideas with high vote count usually (but not always) take priority during product idea reviews between Community Specialist and a Product Manager. While a low number of votes does not disqualify an idea from being discussed and reviewed, in many cases its evaluation will be done at the end of the Review or at a later dateas they are more specific to lower number of use cases. 

So, remember not only to post your idea, but also to vote for other ones that you think deserve more attention from our team. 

We try to give feedback and change the status for as many product ideas as we can, but its not always possible to evaluate them all. We improve the percentage of the reviewed ideas every year and we are committed to doing this constantly (we’re also working on automating the whole process).  


What does our review process look like? 

If the product idea is properly labeled and described, a Product Manager responsible for the topic will be notified about it. Most of our PMs won’t respond right away, as they usually need to give more thought to your ideas and consult them with our Architects and other teams involvedbut they track them and evaluatthem on a regular basis. 

In some cases, the Product Manager will ask additional questions about your idea - remember to answer them so they can evaluate your idea correctly! When PM asks for details and there is no additional feedback from the author, the chance for the idea to be included in our plans goes down dramatically and the idea probably will be closed in the future 

Additionally, for every label in the Product Idea forum, we do regular Product Idea Reviews between the Community Moderator and the Product Manager responsible for the area. Usually, these reviews happen every couple of months - more often for the most popular tags (like Synthetic Monitoring, OneAgent, or Dashboards) and less often for the less common tags. During the review, we evaluate the most popular ideas from the topic (usually, but not always, based on votes) 

If an idea isn’t properly labeledwe assign it to the right Product Manager. This makes the evaluation take longer, which is why labeling ideas correctly is so important. Also, if the description of the product idea isn’t complete, the time needed for reviewing it will be longer, as we must ask for additional information. 

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