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Community Team
Community Team

The Dynatrace Product Ideas forum is a key part of our Community. It’s a place where you can share your ideas for Dynatrace enhancements, improvements, and new features. Your input and feedback are essential to us as they help us to find solutions that better fit your needs and deliver the best user experience.



How to post a product idea


You can post a product idea directly here, or on the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum by clicking Suggest an idea:



Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 10.43.13.png



Start typing in the Idea Subject field. Check the list of suggestions to see if anyone has already come up with something similar so as not to duplicate. Maybe we’re already working on it!



If you don’t see anything fitting, fill in the rest. In the Body field, describe your product idea in as much detail as you can.


Remember that good formatting makes it easier to read and gets your idea more votes from the Community.


Check our FAQ for more information



Best practices


When submitting an idea, include the details about your use case to help us understand your core needs and come up with a fitting solution.

The widget on the Product Ideas posting page will take you through each step showing you examples of what a sufficient description looks like:


Following those guidelines will allow our Product Managers to focus on reviewing your idea instead of coming back to you with additional questions about it.


And most important: remember to properly label your product idea. Good labeling allows an idea to go to the Product Manager responsible for that specific topic. If the idea has incorrect labels or too many of them, it’s less likely to be reviewed quickly.



Track idea statuses


The idea status is updated as the idea progresses through review and development. If everything goes according to plan, this is how an idea transforms into a product feature:


Artboard 1.png


If there are any obstacles along the way, you may see one of these statuses:

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 11.08.35.png


In the Product Ideas forum, the status labels are displayed at the top - you can click on each to display a list of all ideas with that particular status. You can also follow the list to be up to date with status changes.




Remember that you can also subscribe to an idea to see all the updates and changes to it.

Check our FAQ for more information



Why does voting matter?


A number of votes allows us to evaluate the need for a new feature among Dynatrace users. Ideas with a higher vote count indicate higher demand for that particular function in the Community, and those usually (though, not always) land on the top of the list during the product idea review. While a small number of votes doesn’t disqualify an idea from being discussed and reviewed by Project Managers, in many cases it means doing so at a later date.


So, remember not only to post your ideas but also to vote for the ones you think deserve more attention from our team.


We try to stay on top of giving feedback and changing the status of as many product ideas as possible, but we don’t always manage to evaluate them all. From year to year, we are constantly improving the percentage of the reviewed ideas, and we don’t intend to stop! A little spoiler alert: we are working on automating the whole process 😉



What does our review process look like?


If the product idea is properly labeled and described, a Product Manager responsible for that particular topic is notified about it. It takes some time for our PMs to respond as they often need to consult our Architects and other teams involved first, but they track the ideas and review them on a regular basis.


At times a Product Manager will ask you additional questions about your idea - remember to provide as many details as possible so they can evaluate your idea correctly!

If the question stays unanswered, unfortunately, the chances of the idea being picked out drop dramatically.


Regular Product Idea Reviews between a Community Specialist and a Product Manager responsible for each specific area happen every couple of months (more often for the most popular tags, such as Synthetic Monitoring, OneAgent, or Dashboards). During the review we evaluate the most popular ideas from each topic.


If the idea isn’t properly labeled or lacks an adequate description, unfortunately, its review process will take more time.


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