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Activation of deep monitoring is unsuccessful with permission mission error for process


Hi Team,

The apache process is activation for deep monitoring is unsuccessful with error permission issue for the process. the process is running as a container on kubernetes cluster node, Other process running on the same vm are monitoring without any issues.


does anyone face the similar issue? can anyone confirm what permissions it required.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Mayana,

There may be an issue with the startup times for the containers depending on deployment strategy?

There is a startup dependency between the container in which OneAgent is deployed and application containers to be instrumented (i.e., which have deep process monitoring enabled). The OneAgent container must be started and the oneagenthelper process must be running prior to the application container being launched so that the application can be properly instrumented.

How are you deploying the OneAgent?

Best regards,


Hi @Radu S.,

The process has been started after the dynatrace one-agnet process is started. Its showing some permission issues.

We have deployed dynatrace one-agent process as docker deamon.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @Mayana K.

Try browsing through the OneAgent logs, especially the ones created for Apache where you should look for indication of errors.

Commonly this may also be a networking issue, if so, the log should have messages similar to "URL https://xxxxxxx:9999/communication not working".

As well, have you already tried restarting the apache process?

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