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Annotation or Label to block Dynatrace Injection


I have a pod (running an Octopus Deploy Tentacle) that keeps getting Dynatrace injected into it.  I have tried excluding the namespace in the Dynatrace UI (Container Monitoring Rules), but that has no effect.

I am wondering if there is a Annotation or Label I can apply to my pod that Dynatrace would look at and then choose to ignore the pod?

NOTE: I tried adding the annotation of set to "false". But it had no effect.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend


You need to put different annotations, see

However this works only for CloudNativeFullstack or ApplicationOnly depolyments of Dynatrace operator. In this case DT will not touch the pods at all. Other options such as container monitoring rules or disabling the process monitoring will still inject code modules, but will disable them.

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