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Building tagging rule to leverage Kubernetes labels and convert them to service tags to leverage in Data Explorer


Hello, I am trying to see how you would design a tagging rule that would pull from the workload labels or possibly the properties in a service. Example I am looking at a web service in k8s and I see its part of namespace name: WebOne and there is a workload label partof:WebPortal. 

How would I create a tagging rule that would pull data from the properties area of a service and make that a tag variable called namespace: WebOne. I would also do the same and build a tagging rule that would pull the workload label and the tag variable would be Partof:WebPortal. 

I would like to build those two tagging rules so it would allow me to leverage those tags when filtering things down in my data explorer charts by those variables.... Anyone know how that would work? 


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

There is a whole post on making K8 tagging better.  Check this page out:

Wonder if you could use relationships?




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