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Can I change INSTALL_PATH for OneAgent dir on Kubernetes or openshift



The documentation says that for oneAgent custom resourse - Parameters to be passed to the OneAgent installer. All the command line parameters of the installer are supported, with the exception of INSTALL_PATH.

Can I change INSTALL_PATH for OneAgent dir on Kubernetes or openshift?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

No. Exactly as the docs say.

It's because the OneAgent in this cases runs in a container and the host's directory /opt/dynatrace is mapped to the container (that's container definition). If you would change the INSTALL_PATH, the installation would be just done in the container itself and OneAgent will not be able to monitor anything outside the container.

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thank you for answer!

what if i rebuild the agent image?

It would be an unsupported modification. You can not do that.

What problem are you trying to solve?

in /opt customer have 2Gb

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi, I understand the problem you need to solve (using different directory due to disk space limits) and the operator actually allows you to use a different storage location for the OneAgent.

You could use the parameter ONEAGENT_ENABLE_VOLUME_STORAGE to have the Docker container runtime manage the required volume for the OneAgent bit and bytes. The container runtime will take care of creating the volume in the default location.

The additional (optional) parameter ONEAGENT_CONTAINER_STORAGE_PATH would allow you to directly set the path to be used for the OneAgent files, eg. /path/to/oneagent-files


Thank you!


Presently we struggling can anyone help on below git you say we need to specify path.

We cannot make Dynatrace work on kubernetes and manually changing/modifying those permission will not be persistent when node get replace/scaled ....

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